Saturday, November 20, 2010

Parish gerrymandering

So a fellow parishioner informs us that our parish councils are not as representative as we would like to believe.

Did you know that Zero of eight Finance Council members live on the north side of Corning. (Three from Painted Post and four from the south side of Corning, and one staff person.)

Two of 14 parish council members live on the north side of Corning. (Two from the north side, three from the South side and eight from Painted Post, with one staff person.)

The Facilities Council has four from the north side of Corning, four from the south side and one from Painted Post.

So, out of 31 people on our councils, six are from the north side of Corning.

The dictionary definition of representative is: of, based on, or constituting a government in which the many are represented by persons chosen from among them.

The dictionary definition of gerrymandering is: to divide (an area) into political units to give special advantages to one group.

Our councils are selected, not elected.

And, further, at the parish meeting on Thursday, it was quietly suggested that the leadership may "consider" keeping Immaculate Heart of Mary. What happened to the firm insistence on  'one worship site'?

Who or what can we trust? This is All Saints/All One?


  1. So confusing. IHM was on the market long before Saint Vincent's. I wasn't at the dialogue but am suspecting that Dean was appeasing somebody. It makes no sense but then, not much sense is being made in the parish these days.

  2. I have wondered why there has been no fight to keep IHM. But I was told that most of the parishioners who supported IHM for years, have passed or are very elderly. I don't want to see Saint Vincent's demolished but of the two churches, IHM seems like the better to save. The bulding is newest and has many uses. That way, we would have 1 big church and one smaller. One church in the Post and one in Corning. Would this be a good compromise?

  3. From what I heard, the SOP members were treated poorly at the dessert and dialogue. I give you all credit for your persistance but if I were you, I would put my energy someplace else. Forget local leadership. If our parish leaders cannot give you a hug or pat your back or shake your hand, and look you in the eye and thank you for coming to a dialogue, even when there are differences in opinion, shake the dirt from your sandals and move on. Heck, I get mad at my kids when they disagree with me or think I am clueless or won't listen to what I say to them but I always treat them like I love them. Rolling of the eyes and scoffing at parishioners is not a loving response.

  4. DD did not treat the parishioners badly at the Dessert and Dialog. He answered questions and was polite.

  5. Gretchen- I don't think anybody was accusing Dean of any wrong doing. Parish leadership includes all leaders and representatives. And yes- there were eyes rolling and faces made.

  6. I know. I made a few myself. :-)

  7. The implication that somehow geographics play a role in the influence and direction of parish leadership is ridiculously insane. One of the worst accusations you people have made. Almost laughable. Really, this is getting old. Can't we just agree that we disagreed and move on in the direction that has already been decided?

    Tired of the crap.

  8. Just giving the numbers. People are free to draw their own conclusions based on the information.

  9. 4:06 Tired of the crap, too. Crap from the parish leadership, crap from the Diocese, crap from not being listened to, crap from not being included, crap from being treated like crap. Too much crap.

  10. But we must persevere- when we are knee deep in the crap, we must fall to our knees. Only God will make something good come from the All Saints Parish struggles. Let us wait in joyful anticipation as He reveals His plan. He will come through, wait and see. He always does!