Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Church in Spain

Once again, think it can't happen  here? Think again.

From the Eponymous Flower, an article about an 84-year-old cardinal who is being prosecuted for saying that it is possible for homosexuals to be restored. FTA:

"For the first time charges have been brought against a Cardinal of the Church, because he has said what the Catholic Church has always taught on homosexuality and what is part of the truth of faith, which they can not change...Perhaps it's the comfortable Christians who think it would already not so bad, should wake up and start with the resistance in the countries where there is no homophobia Act, before they too need to weigh with care every word, and because of a Catholic thought crime, stand trial."

Additionally, here is a disturbing article about the homosexual rights movement in the USA and the Church, first published in the New Oxford Review in 2006.