Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Traditional Liturgy

A Catholic identity, in communion with the Church before and after Vatican II, must in all honesty, include the Traditional Latin Mass. Quoting the archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio, His Excellency Most Rev. Luigi Negri:

"You may use this liturgy, and I am extremely happy that you do so in this Archdiocese where I arrived only a few months ago. You do not do so to attack anyone, or to push any opinion, but rather to live the mystery of the Church in accordance with the depth and truth of your right to live this way. The Church has made all this possible. Benedict XVI – I am not someone who uses words because he likes the sound they make – Benedict XVI showed his pastoral mercy by allowing this for individual Catholics or small groups who need not have a precise legal size. These are the “small groups” of the faithful who have the right and the duty to be able to come to this Mass...Now you have it all in your hands, and the Church allows you to spread it freely. There can be no-one, no Diocese in Italy or anywhere in the world, who can stop you doing this. If any Bishop ever dares to say “no” to you, he must be brought before an ecclesiastical tribunal immediately...Try this older Liturgy for yourselves! Try out the truths of your faith!"

Read more with Fr. Z's excellent comments here.

Friday, May 10, 2013


This week, All Saints Parish welcomed Wayne Gwilliam as a guest speaker/healer. Dr. Gwilliam and his wife, Angela, are pastors of Destined to Win Ministries, based in Winnsboro, South Carolina.
Dr. Gwilliam is not a Catholic.

This was not mentioned in the bulletin. In fact, he was simply described as someone whom "God tookf rom a wayward life of organized crime in Australia, to be a minister of the Gospel for over thirty years in countries all over the world."

Great. But Dr. Gwilliam is not a Catholic.

Are there not Catholic speakers who can present a series of "spiritual refreshment and renewal"? Do you really think an Evangelical church (or frankly, any non-Catholic group) would invite a Catholic to speak?   --   Susan M