Friday, May 10, 2013


This week, All Saints Parish welcomed Wayne Gwilliam as a guest speaker/healer. Dr. Gwilliam and his wife, Angela, are pastors of Destined to Win Ministries, based in Winnsboro, South Carolina.
Dr. Gwilliam is not a Catholic.

This was not mentioned in the bulletin. In fact, he was simply described as someone whom "God tookf rom a wayward life of organized crime in Australia, to be a minister of the Gospel for over thirty years in countries all over the world."

Great. But Dr. Gwilliam is not a Catholic.

Are there not Catholic speakers who can present a series of "spiritual refreshment and renewal"? Do you really think an Evangelical church (or frankly, any non-Catholic group) would invite a Catholic to speak?   --   Susan M


  1. My observation on this is why was this Gnostic/Calvinist wolf allowed in among our sheep?

    This is a man who views the Catholic Church as the palmer worms of Job that chews at the faith. Just a read through one of his writings is enough to conclude..."this isn't Catholic" and definitely not mainstream Christianity. Exhibit 1

    CPT Tom

  2. The wolves have been among the sheep in this parish for quite some time.

  3. You know, some people have said that after DD left Guardian Angels parish it was no longer a Catholic parish. I thought they were exaggerating at the time.

  4. As they say, seeing is believing...courtesy of the Internet Way Back machine...A snapshot of what GA Parish web site looked like just before DD Left Guardian Angels:

  5. Thanks for the link. The language used is exactly what I'd expect from an evangelical church.

  6. Apologies for late publishing of comments. Have been out of town visiting a sick relative.

    I hope and pray that parishioners understand what is at stake here. What does it mean to be Catholic? How is that different than Protestantism? Why is it different?

    Ecumenism should not equal syncretism. Either the Catholic Faith is what the Creed says it is: One. Holy. Catholic. Apostolic, or, it is all bunk.

    As Flannery O'Conner said: “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”