Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The mantra

It was heard yet again at last week's parish meeting that it would've been better to give St. Patrick's away than to have kept up the insurance on it for the years it was mothballed. Parishioners have some questions regarding insurance premiums on our church properties. Read about it here.

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  1. Many have questioned the All Saints insurance policies. Did you know that if you need to borrow a table or two for a celebration at your home, graduation for example, the parish will say NO. They say that nobody is allowed to borrow anything because, if you borrowed a table and it was in your back yard and it tipped over and broke somebody's toe, you could sue the Diocese. (Apparenty, there was some case in the Diocese with a banana peel on a step and somebody fell and sued so now we all are all denied anything and everything) How ridiculous. Yet, if you call the good people at the Baptist church, they will be happy to loan a table. We have become such an indifferent, impersonal Church. So unaccomodating to the parishioners. Is it any wonder that people are leaving All Saints? God forbid that we would be kind and sharing of our resources. The table could break while being used in the Church hall. Heck,I'm surprised we are allowed to sit in the chairs, which could also break.