Thursday, May 5, 2011

On Fire!

Cleansing Fire has a number of excellent posts (and comments) that would be of interest to readers. First, Bernie publishes some photos of St. Catherine of Siena Church in Addision, one of the local parishes that so many All Saints Parish parishioners have made their home. I have visited there once, and it is a lovely church.

Then, Diane Harris does some further exposing of the CMA and its effect on parishes: Shepherds Shearing the Sheep. From the article: 

The conclusions of a number of people who have looked at the matter are:

1. There is no point in giving to the CMA. If a parish beats its goal, it is likely to have the goal raised in the following year. Better to have a shortfall.
2. Since the diocese is just going to take the money from a parish’s savings anyway, it is better to give it to one’s own church; at least the donor won’t have caused his or her church’s tax to increase by plumping the CMA.
3. Be careful about giving cash donations or substantial bequests to one’s own parish. It seems to make the parish even more of a target for closure. Better to pay for services or give vestments, or sacred vessels, or pay for paving the parking lot, or for a Youth Program, and keep it out of the treasury.
4. If one wishes to leave a bequest, be specific about what it can be or not be used for; consider paying out over a number of years and contingent on one’s parish still being open and having Mass of Sunday obligation.

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