Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dollars to donuts at IHM

With the recent rains, it is no wonder that IHM had several inches of water in the basement. Too bad that the sump pump was the size you would expect for a residential basement. It was many days before the water was finally extracted. The basement stinks. There's no dehumidifier, only a fan.

This is no way to take care of a property. Imagine having to live there.

We hear about stewardship all the time, but when the opportunity to demonstrate it arises, parish leadership falls flat.

Of course, the latest rumor is that a national donut chain is buying part or all of IHM property. Perhaps they will spring for a sump pump.


  1. Oh please, somebody do a Snopes check on the donut chain, Dunkin, I presume. Could we be blind-sided once again?

    The IHM campus has been neglected for the last few years. It is no coincidence that the opposite can be said of the Saint Mary's rectory. It is also no coincidence that the Priest lives in the one that is rusting and rotting and molding away.

    Poor stewardship. Poor providing for our Priest.

  2. Folks, when it reaches the point that the leadership does not know how to take care of the property, does not ask for help from those of us who do care about our property, the church, it is time we just brought our tools, rakes, mowers and sump pumps and did it. To let IHM and SV. deteriorate like it is is just plain wrong. It is a gross violation of stewardship of our resources. If plans call for selling that does not mean we let it fall into ruin. Where is your sense of responsibility, Deacon Dean, administrator? Get a grounds committee together so the Catholic church can once again in this area show we do value that which is given to us through our hard earned contributions.

  3. I agree 7:45 pm! Maybe we could put together a de facto grounds committee and just start taking care of what needs maintenance and care. IHM and SV are beautiful churches and our Lord dwells there. They should be lovingly cared for no matter what the circumstances.

  4. I am pretty sure that if you show up to work, you will be told that there are liability issues. But give it a try- let them call the cops!

  5. Well, are there not liability issues for those who volunteer within the Parish Center, like slipping or falling? Are there not liability issues for those who risk their lives trying to get into St. Mary's church in the winter time or tripping in the uncut grass or falling apart steps or very bad parking lot with potholes at IHM or SV? Just an excuse. IMproving grounds by people who can do it is not high risk.

  6. Thats great that we have people who are willing and able to help. I say next time we see work that needs to be done we just grab a few fellow parishioners and roll up our sleeves and git r done! It is a very sad thing if Deacon Dean sold out to a donut shop. It amazes me that we are facing the destruction of another beautiful house of God.I have no idea how he can possibly sleep at night!

  7. Parish leadership is OK with unkept facilities-it justifies his need to sell property that we can't maintain. It's balony. Drive around. Look at other Catholic churches. Where they have pride and ownership, we have none.

    I agree- we need to do the work ourselves. Does our Lord deserve anything less than our best?