Sunday, January 30, 2011

There you have it...

Our parish leadership scoffs at being accused of attempting to transform our Catholic faith. Cleansing Fire shares information on an upcoming webinar from the DOR's former Pastoral Planning Director ('97 - '06), Bill Pickett. Land o' Goshen there's a lot to gnaw on in the post and comments! There's a link to Pickett's blog, too. In a post titled Transformation Church Pickett says, "It has long been known that you plant a new church by focusing on three aspects: music, preaching, and hospitality."

Sound familiar? But, but, what do you do when you already have a vibrant faith community and churches and all that stuff? Well, if you want to plant a 'new' church, you do what's being cluster, close, and raze the 'old' ones.


  1. Don't know what to say anymore. I am thoroughly disgusted and yet so sad about the direction of our parish, as well as our Diocese in general.

  2. Too late for surprises and "I told you so".

  3. The new Church that is being planted here has little resemblance to a Catholic Church. When the music and the preaching over-shadow the Eucharistic sacrifice of the mass, we have lost our identity. Hang on, all of you who support leadership,the traditions of our faith are slowing slipping away and I fear that you don't have a clue.

  4. I think they all know exactly what is happening but don't know how to back out with fear of reprisals. The sacrifice of the Mass is is incidental to the show that is taking place on the altar..all perfectly orchestrated guessed it!

  5. What's next Michael Jackson impersonaters up on the altar? Uh oh, wait... oh sorry been there done that.

    Wohoo! whose bad!

    St. Vinnies 69