Monday, October 18, 2010

This blog is here to stay

There seems to be some questions about the usefulness of this blog. I have had occasion recently to meet with parish staff and the parish council. In both situations, what was promised as a dialog to discuss some very serious issues in our parish did not turn out as hoped for. In fact, the opposite occurred. I hope and pray that lessons have been learned and the upcoming dinner and dialog on Thursday will be productive and an honest  give-and-take of ideas.

Dialog, which the dictionary describes as "a discussion between representatives of parties to a conflict that is aimed at resolution," should include the idea that both sides have something of value to contribute and a common basis from which to work toward reconciliation. No 'side' has all the answers or has been free of mistakes, which brings me to the topic of this blog.

It is no secret that parish leadership wants it to go away. Suppose it did. Suppose it disappeared tomorrow. Would the issues also suddenly disappear? The answer is self-evident--the issues would remain.

What would disappear is the parishioners ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas to the parish at large. In a free society, all have the right to express their opinions, whether or not those opinions are popular or agreeable. The price of all having a voice is that both good and bad ideas and opinions are expressed. It requires that we learn to discern between right and wrong ideas, that we learn the Scriptural way of not taking offense, and that we actually live what we claim as Catholics.

Since starting this blog, I and my family have been attacked and maligned. Recently, since I began posting under my own name the attacks have intensified, some of them coming from parish staff. None of it is unexpected. It comes with the territory. It's uncomfortable and disagreeable. I can certainly sympathize with those who have been criticized here. But I think it's worth it if we can get to the heart of the matter--if we can get to the truth. And until that happens, this blog is here to stay.


  1. Gretchen- I know well the presecution of which you speak. In fact, many of us have walked in your shoes. Our current administration and staff (excluding our Priests and our beloved Sandra) have zero tolerance for anyone who would dare to question their way of thinking. God forbid that someone would offer an alternative suggestion or another solution. Hours are spent at staff meetings and around the dining table ridiculing parishioners, by name, who question the decisions made by staff. Parishioners have been labeled as those who comply and those who don't. Deacon Dean has created this divisive environment. He is surrounded by a staff who must think like him and must act like him. Those on staff who couldn't be molded to follow without question, are gone. I pray every day for a house cleaning- from the top to the bottom.

  2. Ann, my experience is it predates Deacon Condon's arrival, as the arrogance toward parishioners was there before. On the other hand it has only gotten worse since. The cure goes beyond this parish.