Monday, October 4, 2010

A small change

Hello all,

As an alternative to shutting down the blog as requested by parish staff, we have decided to take the step of requiring registration of those who comment. Now, this is quite a simple thing and your anonymity is still preserved if desired. However, it does require a name of some sort to be used when you post, and a registered email account (which will not be published if you choose that option). For instance, if you click on my name in a comment, you will be taken to a profile page that I have elected to make non-accessible. Others may choose to open up an email account with Yahoo! or another venue that is not tied to their regular email account, and use that for posting comments.

Registering will eliminate the many identical 'anonymous' that can get confusing. We will all have a unique 'handle' that makes comments specific to an individual.

There are several different avenues through which you can register and here are links to some of them. If you have any questions, the blog will not require registration until  Wednesday, so you can comment, ask questions, etc., in the old way until that time. Some of you may be able to suggest which preference is best and give advice on signing up.
I believe there are a couple other options you can research if you would like. So, the bottom line is, when you post a comment you will no longer have the 'Anonymous' option in the drop-down menu.


  1. This a good thing...I hope this means you have also turned moderation to stop any personal attacks.

  2. Tom- For the most part, I never thought that people were making personal attacks. The truth can appear like an attack when it reveals something that is not favorable. It's a fine line and I do agree that we need to be cautious.

  3. Are you still going to share about the meeting with Parish Council?

  4. I hope registering is easier than it sounds and that step by step directions will be posted to set up from a yahoo acct. Thanks Gretchen!

  5. are we giving up hope for ST. Vincent's....with nothing heard I'm afraid the powers that be have won????

  6. Tom- This is personal. Many of us are personally invested in our faith and our Churches. When someone is attacking or threatening either, we tend to get defensive. Poor leadership, poor decison making processes, poor communication,etc...the affect is personal.