Saturday, October 30, 2010

As expected...

A letter in Sunday's bulletin details the staff/council recommendation to sell Saint Vincent's:

"That All Saints Parish accepts the proposal from Providence Housing Development Corporation to purchase the St. Vincent de Paul campus for the minimum offer of $350,000 subject to the following contingencies to be further defined by Deacon Dean Condon:
    1. Diocesan approval.
    2. Commitment to use property for Senior Housing.
    3. Salvage rights for religious items.
    4. Allow Providence Housing at least two attempts to get financing with final date of December 2013.
    5. Price agreement based on average of two appraisals with minimum purchase price of $350,000."

This now will kick off the appeal process to our bishop. Details at tomorrow's meeting at the Union Hall, 2 p.m. The bishop is traveling down here next Friday, by the way, to celebrate mass with the children at 10:30 a.m. in St. Mary's Church. All parishioners are invited.

Remember, "Potter isn't selling, Potter's buying."


  1. So this is what we get after this farce of the "dialog." No two-way conversation. No budget details. No discussion of alternative proposals. Deacon Dean didn't even have the courage to make this announcement in front of parishioners at St. Vincent's 4:00 PM mass. Poor Trish had to make the announcement. As far as I'm concerned, Dean has utterly failed as a leader of this parish.

  2. It's been a farce since the day he arrived. I'm sorry that some people are only now figuring that out. He's a weasel with no intestinal fortitude. Guess there should be some picketing when the bishop arrives?

  3. I wouldn't pity Trish too much, she's a willing participant. They're all so disappointing.

  4. This announcement is an:


    we-got-our way



    response to a majority of the parish who dared to oppose leadership.

    How arrogant. How insensitive.

  5. OK. Now I get why some staff remain and others are gone. This plan has been in the works for several years and needed 100% support of the staff. Those who would not conform were cast away. The pieces are coming together. Crystal clear.


  6. 9:00 mass at Saint Joes
    10:30 mass at Saint Catherines

    Why subject yourselves anymore? I know it is sad and difficult but maybe it really is time to move on. You gave it a good shot. You are not out-numbered but only out-powered.

  7. Have faith and share it with EVERYONE you know. WE have done our best and WE will continue. WE are not out numbered and WE NEED to show that WE are not! I say everyone who would like to see St Vincents Church preserved here for generations to come need to show yourselves tomorrow at the union hall at 2pm. Let your voices be heard! WE can only do this together. Come to the meeting Sunday and Friday be sure to show how you feel when the bishop arrives. WE are powerful!

  8. To 10:42 Anyone who left should return, stay and help to save this parish. Can't you see the dynamic here. They want people opposed to them to leave. I do have faith. Don't leave. Come back and claim this church back. Don't give up Save our Parish people! So many are so thankful for what you are doing.

  9. I should have known something was seriously wrong when the Deacon drove out Fr. Mark shortly after his arrival. First he took over the priests' home, and then drove Fr. Mark to a nervous breakdown. That was the beginning of the end right there. And then he moved the TV mass from St. Vincent's to St. Mary's for no apparent reason. I guess this plan of his has been in the works for a LONG time... My question is WHY? Why is he putting him own desires before what's best for the Catholic community of this area?

  10. Because he came here to create his legacy through his distorted vision of the Catholic faith. He will be remembered for many things but not as the charasmatic leader he perceives himself to be.

  11. Literally crying as I sit here reading CPL Tom's accusation against a woman who has done so much for our church. You should be ashamed of yourself. Gretchen, take that down. You should know better than to allow the mean spirited, accusatory comments.

  12. Trish is a very kind, loving person who would do anything for anybody...she didn't write the announcement...she was given the dirty job of reading it because our deacon wouldn't....don't blame such a wonderful woman for the works of a cowardly dean..

  13. We have all had our "Trish experiences"- good and bad but let's waste our time debating the issue.

  14. Wonderful enough to tell him to do his own dirty work..or afraid of getting canned, too? Sometimes you need to stand up for your convictions and then have Faith that God will take care of you. We've all grown up with these good people and now have to watch them lower themselves to please the leader. I don't think any of us hate the staff..too bad they are being any of them deny that?

  15. sorry- "not waste our time debating the issue"

  16. As I have sat here and read the comments on this blog over the last few weeks the same thought keeps running through my head...."Have these people forgotten that they are talking about actual people on here?" I find it hard to fathom that many of you actually believe that Dean is here with a master plan and it is all unfolding right before our eyes and he has bad intentions. really? I mean....come on, we're on to conspiracy theories now?

    Whether you agree with Dean, or any of the parish staff for that matter, I am confident that they believe they are doing what is best for this parish. I hardly believe that Dean is an evil person and manipulating the staff to help him carry out his master plan.

    I can tell you that Trish is a strong woman. If she did not believe that this plan is the best thing for the parish she would not be there anymore.

    As hard as it may be for many of you to believe there are in fact many many many people in our community who understand that in order for this parish to be sustainable and vibrant this plan makes sense. Do people celebrate the closing of a church? no, of course not. To suggest otherwise is foolish.

    Obviously, there has been a line drawn and emotions on both sides are running high. But please remember that these are real people you are talking about. You may have disdain for their decisions but the comments about character are incredibly unchristian and as a reader of this blog, while I can appreciate some of the ideas and statements you have all put out there, it is discredited by the unchristian behavior that is seen in the personal attacks that have been written repeatedly.

  17. You obviously are clueless. Ask the staff if you want to know about the "masterplan". It's been shoved down their throats too..but musn't be insubordinate or you will be the next to be let go.

  18. I have. at length. If I was clueless I would have refrained from commenting. Just because I do not agree with you does not mean I am clueless. Seeing the comments re:Trish was the last straw for me and I felt that I needed to respond. A master plan to take down this parish? No, after my many conversations with members of the staff, I did not get the impression that this has been shoved down their throats at all. A "Master Plan" for solving many of the issues the parish is currently dealing with. That is the impression I was given. You have every right to disagree with the plan that has been rolled out- demonizing a man and hard working, well intended members of the staff- that you really have no right to do.

  19. 4:19 Wake up buddy! Deans history speaks for itself but maybe you havent checked his track record with former parishes he has been at. He's on a mission! Its all part of the master plan with the DOR. Lets hope he doesnt take down the few honest staff that are left in his dust.

  20. The perception that Dean has this "secret agenda" is laughable. It puts images in my mind of him sitting in a dimly lit office, looking through a crystal ball, giving off an ultra sinister laugh. Has Halloween gotten to you? I would like to echo the sentiments about. Dean is a REAL person - with REAL feelings. Anonymous 5:29... please seek forgiveness for your behavior and move on.

  21. 5:29 You prove yourself to be so utterly uninformed. He only has worked at one other parish for 11.5 years, not "parishes" as you claim. And even IF there were a "master plan" with the DOR, that means the plan that you dream up would be known all the way up to the bishop himself, so it doesn't look like there would be much stopping why are you wasting your time on this blog?

  22. Maybe the administrator can let us know how many hits this blog has gotten compared to the number of individuals who have posted comments?

  23. As someone who went to St. Vincent's school for five years, had his first communion at St. Vincent's and has buried more family members than I care to remember at St. Vincent's, I am reminded exactly why I left the Catholic church many years ago.

    Show me the passage in the Bible where Jesus commanded us to open as many churches as possible, and keep them open, even if that diverts money away from clothing the naked and feeding the hungry.

    Based on what I've read on this blog, God hasn't dwelt at St. Vincent's in a very long time. This is about a few spoiled people who want the convenience of a church they can walk to.

  24. So how many people in Corning are not clothed or are starving? What a crock. If the Catholic Church thought those churches were worth opening, it's reasonable to assume they are worth keeping open.

    Sorry to hear you've left the Catholic Church. You sound like you need the Body and Blood of Jesus-- and the place to go for Him is at a Catholic Church.

    You sound embittered and angry, too, and quite ignorant of the Catholic faith. God dwells bodily at St. Vincent's.

  25. You're right. There are absolutely no kids in Corning that go to bed hungry. Everybody in the parish works for Corning Inc. and is fat and happy. My mistake.

    You guys are part of a dying faith and you waste time arguing about how many buildings you should hold the funeral in.

  26. I have not said anything negative about any individual in my posts. I am not mad at Dean and I have a great deal of respect for the entire staff and all that they do to keep the parish going. I keep revisiting one central that is paramount in any major decision that affects a faith community. Discernmnet.

    As the announcement was made at masses this weekend to accept the proposal from PH, I couldn't help but wonder how the process of discernment (of the entire parish) was "overlooked."

    Dean stated to the press that those that oppose the "All Saints, All One" plan are a small minority. If that truly is the case, why not survey the parishioners, why not go through a discernment process with the entire parish...for if it truly is God's Will that "All Saints Parish be All One" that will be revealed as the entire parish discerns together. So...why not? Perhaps it is Faith, or the lack there of.

    Forging forward with a plan that affects an entire parish without community discernment...putting into motion a plan that could bring a wrecking ball onto Dodge Ave. in as little as 2 1/2 years...WOW, I am speechless (and for those that know me -- that is amazing)

    Towards the end of 9:30 AM mass as the announcement was made (on the eve of All Saints, how ironic) I was overcome with sadness. What a beautiful church. What an incredible crucifix and sanctuary area. I have heard of the faith and determination it took to build St. Vincent de Paul Church and, the same faith that brought it back after the flood. I can imagine the vocations that were fostered within these walls and that of the School's.


    They say it was Faith that built St. Vincent de Paul Church...and it will be Faith that will save it.

  27. 7:25, not judge our efforts to save our church and we won't judge your decision to leave it. God most certainly dwells at St. Vincents -- I feel his presence there every time I visit.

    As for me being would you know, have we ever met? Am I spoiled because I want to walk to church? I don't understand that. I walk because it is better for my family and the environment, and because I can. Many of the older parishioners who live on the Northside also like walking -- it makes them feel more independent.

  28. I met Dean and Janet Condon and his wife back in 1990 on a college retreat while a student at UMASS Amherst. Their love for God and the Church (and the work of the Holy Spirit) was what brought me back to God and the Church. They are an amazing couple. It was with sadness I found this blog and read it.

    It is evident that your Church does not have the money to continue it is too bad you have made Dean the scapegoat. The comments here do not sound at all like a community seeking God.