Monday, July 4, 2011

Working Together

The bulletin last weekend imparts some hope that parishioners will be able to work with leadership to assure the health and vitality of our parish community, including our churches.

A generous gift from a parishioner enabled St. Mary's to build a new bathroom. Deacon Dean said, "The gift inspired some further thoughts on doing smaller, incremental improvements at the church. Some parishioners may want to give very directed contributions to make specific improvements. We are in the process of prioritizing these and sizing up the costs. Some of these could include redoing the entrance ways to our church, improving and expanding the child care area, fixing the north side stained glass window and ...."

This is lovely to hear and it blends very well with this article from Vatican Insider, quote:

"A diocese in difficulty does well to reduce the number of parishes, but must maintain churches and chapels where they exist, perhaps entrusting the care to families of the faithful who are willing to look after them and keep them open. Then on Sundays it is easy to send a priest to celebrate Mass."

At last year's community meeting, parishioners came together to brainstorm ideas on how to proceed with the issues in our parish. Go here and here. As you can see, the idea to do" directed contributions to make specific improvements" was one of the suggestions. This really is good news. In fact, we are hearing from parishioners of the desire to do just such a directed contribution to repair the steps at St. Vincent's.

That said, it must be noted that in his article, Deacon Dean did not use the plural word 'churches' but only church, and only in reference to St. Mary's. And, in his article titled "Update on St. Vincent Church Property", Deacon Dean says, "In light of this new development, our Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council, and Facilities Council will work together to develop the best plan to ensure the strength of our parish community."

Surely he does mean to include all parishioners and not just the selected council members who do not have decision-making powers. It would be heart-breaking if parish leadership continues to use closed sessions and  secret meetings, and fails to follow diocesan guidelines for communication and input from the parish faithful.


  1. Not only would these continued activities be heartbreaking they would be against Canon Law. All meetings should be open to any one who would like to attend. Those on the councils who are secretly meeting with Deacon Dean to promote their own agendas are guilty by association. We as concerned parishioners of the remaining churches need to attend each and every meeting and voice our concerns. This is not in any way a 'done deal' as many of you have thought; what this parish needs in order to save its churches is to let its voice be heard.

  2. Does anyone know when Deacon Dean is leaving?

  3. He is a year into his second term of four years.

  4. The countdown is long but nonetheless, I am counting the days.

  5. July 5th join Parish Pastoral Council, join the Finance Council or join the Facilities Council.

  6. 3:10, I don't understand your comment. People can't join these committees; they have to be asked or selected. Unless something has changed on the Finance or Facilities Council?

  7. 3:10 Since when can one join these committees? It seems even when one volunteers they will not necessarily be welcomed onto the committee. All committee mmbers must pass the Dean/Trish litmus test of loyalty to their ideals. Horor should one have a creative idea different from or not initiated by one of the staff. It is so sad to watch vibrant, creative, enthused Catholics at All Saints eventually become like sheep led to slaughter or silenced lambs who just come to worship and leave with heavy heart because Church had become like a reign of terror or as is heard often, the church has become cold and unwelcoming.