Monday, July 11, 2011

The implications...

Catholic Culture has picked up on the to-be-released Vatican guidelines regarding the organization of US dioceses in wake of the abuse scandals.

From the article: In recent weeks the Vatican has ruled against the closing of several American parish churches. While recognizing the authority of diocesan bishops to allocate resources, Vatican tribunals have indicated that churches should remain open as sites of worship whenever possible.

There is more than one church in this parish that is in danger of being sold...


  1. I am glad and surprised to read this in light of what I heard "on the street" today. That is, there are two offers, both from retailers, (and I will refrain from identifying them) who are in competition for the Immaculate Heart complex. Further I heard that Fr. Brown is out looking for an apartment since his home may be sold. I do believe it is now time for all of ASP
    to step up and stop the crazy actions or visions of some of the leadership. It has gone too far when the priest is put out of his home for money. Maybe we need to let the bishop know what the latest attempt to skirt Vatican directions is taking place here.

  2. With all due respect; I am sure that the bishop is very well aware of the antics taking place in the area concerning St. Vincents Church and IHM. It is quite a sad day when our own priest is 'out there' looking for housing. The second floor of the current ASP office was once a beautiful home for the priests and I dare say could be again. Your current Deacon and his family (of how many?)live comfortably in their remodeled (how many sq ft?)home. This is all part of the 'vision' works out quite nicely
    for some doesn't it?

  3. i am appalled at such actions by the administration and no doubt with the approval of the coerced Parish Council. Please, does anyone have any respect for the people who keep watching symbols and even more of their faith be turned over to the wrecking ball? I agree with Adele. this is or should be a concern of all of ASP. Where are the voices of concern for the presence of one's faith and place to nourish that faith through the Eucharist? Where are the voices from those who have had their beloved St. Patrick's replaced with piles of dirt? Where are the voices of those here at St. Mary's? If it can be done to one church and now a second it is possible some day the present St. Mary's will not fit the vision of the administrator for his megachurch complex and St. Mary's will go too. Corning Catholics need to wake up and act and stop letting one man ruin the presence of Catholicism in Corning.

  4. All- I too have heard a rumor about IHM- that another church community is close to making an offer, while attempting to secure the finances. So, there are many rumors and speculations.
    A question to those who continue to support the leadership of Deacon Dean Condon through attending mass, serving on committees and being present for other activities: Is the strategy to support the parish yet not support the leadership working? I would say no. Until he, his staff and those who support him, are faced with empty pews, this charade will continue. The only way he will voluntarily leave is if his council members turn on him but they won't do this until they are the only one's sitting in the pews. I respect the right of all to have an opinion but, frankly, am growing weary of those who complain, yet remain. Your mere presence sends a message of support.


  5. This sale of IHM sounds bad on several fronts. An ugly drive thru or coffee shop on the corner? UGH. Ruin the environment of the area but then again, as I observe the upkeep of the resources of St. Vincent's and IHM it is obvious that environment is not an issue for leadership. More critical tho, is where will meetings be held? please do not say at All Saint's Academy. As a former teacher I have lived through a large church using the school classrooms on Saturdays and Sundays only to arrive on Monday mornings and find total chaos. Obviously no respect for the vocation of teaching. Would the administrator be willing to let meetings be held in his home evenings and weekends? It really should not matter that "since no one is home" we invade the room as we would be doing to the classrooms.

  6. Hey TB can you explain that to my kids for me when you convince us to leave, especially to my son (who has said to me more than a couple times that he might want to be a priest) and who really admires Fr. Lew because he is the only person there who acknowledges children? It's not as easy as you might think.

  7. For those of you meeting for the occasional coffee and donuts at St Vincents;I agree with TB that this does send the wrong message and this council needs to stand up for what the parishioners want and need. If they don't have the courage to voice their opinions to Deacon Dean then they should have never accepted the council positions that were bestowed upon them. So a message to THE NEW PARISH COUNCIL: time to listen to the parishioners rather than just shake your heads in unison with Deacon Dean. EVERYONE knows what his mission is. If you can't
    then I guess we wont be just getting our coffee and donuts at church will we?

  8. Also, everyone's absence sends another message. It only justifies church closure.

  9. We've lost about 300 families in the last several years, first because of the closure and destruction of St. Patrick's and later because of the issues surrounding the youth group and St. Vincent's. That is quite a statement. Many are at surrounding parishes, some have stopped going to mass, some are attending Protestant or Orthodox churches. That said, there are still plenty of people at Sunday mass in our parish. It does not seem to be a matter of either/or in our parish. God works in mysterious ways.

    I do believe that Rome is aware of the spiritual and physical devastation that has been wrought in parishes like ours when money takes precedence over souls, and that is why new instructions for organizing dioceses are coming in the fall. Media reports say there is an emphasis on the need to keep churches open, even letting local families have the care and upkeep of them. Let us hope and pray this is true and that our leadership will be obedient to those instructions.

    Hang on, everyone, no matter where you are attending. I can think of nothing better than to provide a comfortable rectory home for our parish priest and not relegate him to an apartment somewhere.

    The parish takes many second collections for parish improvements. One would think that a comfortable home for our parish priest could be provided.