Friday, July 22, 2011

Conforming to this world -- Tron Church

Fr. Longenecker has hit one out of the park regarding the attempt to remake the Church from a worldly perspective. Do read the whole thing. Here's a couple snips from 'Tradition or Tron':
Tron Church is simply a symptom of the same illness. Christians busy everywhere conforming to the world. They turn worship into entertainment. They turn the gospel of repentance into a self help message to boost self esteem. They turn their ministry into a business and they neglect the cross of Christ in favor of a feel good religion that fortifies their comfort zone and excludes all those outside.

And this:

I was surprised when I read in The Spirit of the Liturgy when Ratzinger said that the liturgy was not a place to be creative. Then I understood what he meant--it is not up to me to fiddle about with the liturgy or the teachings of the church in order to make it all attractive and easy. Instead we observe the teachings of the church as best we can. We preach the precepts of the church and the old time religion of repentance, forgiveness and grace. We try to celebrate the liturgy as it has been done down through the ages. We respect and renew and admire and love the age old devotions and prayers of the church.


  1. I believe this hits the nail on the head. I’m going to buy Ratzinger’s book. The church has become so focused on attracting unbelievers that it has moved away from traditional forms of worship. As a result, elements of the liturgy that impart true meaning and significance are getting lost. It’s like catholics are using the worst aspects of some evangelical protestant churches to try to reach people. Worship is not for people to get whipped up into an emotional frenzy or be entertained. True worship and praise recognizes who we truly are - poor, miserable sinners who need to repent. It also recognizes who God truly is - the holy and just God who is also merciful and our Savior. The church should not be changing to attract unbelievers. Instead, unbelievers should be changing by hearing the truth about scripture and church teachings.

    Jennifer H.

  2. The book is beautiful and really helped me to understand the importance of the liturgy. The title alone is a teaching moment. The Holy Father is a wonderful teacher.