Thursday, June 2, 2011

St. Vincent's

I attended the 12:10 Mass today at St. Vincent's. The majority of parishioners there were hoary-headed, the retired of our parish. Fr. Breen mentioned St. Vincent briefly during prayer intentions, and I thought to myself, 'St. Vincent so loved children'. And my thoughts went to Sunday mornings and all the children who attend the Liturgy of the Word. And I think, 'Can we not fight for this House of Prayer? If not for ourselves, for the children? For the next generation?'


  1. I always feel taken back when I attend mass at St. Vincents. As a member of SOP I know what we are doing to keep it there for future generations. But, at times I will sit in SVdP Church and just "sigh." The beautiful woodwork, stained glass windows, and statues WITH the Tabernacle in the center of the sanctuary. For the feast day, I was at SM for the school mass, which was very nice. Again, I noticed the beautiful stained glass and the artful paintings on the wall BUT a very big difference...plaster is just falling down. It looks down right awful.

    We have a monthly collection for "parish improvements" (which really shouldn't be called that since we are still a 3 church parish but our PA has stated he will only make improvements on one church -- hence it should be a "St. Mary Church Improvement" collection) what do we do with that money? Could we please fix the plaster in St. Mary's -- it is God's house afterall.

  2. Excellent point, Mary.