Sunday, June 26, 2011

Question regarding collection envelope

Received the following anonymous comment on a post way down, so thought I would bring it up here. Does anyone know the answer?

I have a question about envelopes sent to parish members. I received mine last week and one envelope that is to be used in collection July 12th says "emerging churches", can someone clarify what this means? Thanks


  1. Emerge or emerging; To come forth into view or into existence - or - to rise as from an inferior or unfortunate state or condition. From that you can draw your own conclusions.

  2. Yes I know the dictionary meaning but how does it comply with giving money. What is it going to be used for? Think before July 12th someone from Deacon Deans office needs to explain or is this also not the parishioners business?

  3. I've been doing a little digging here on the subject of emerging churches in the Catholic world. From what I can tell it is one of the attempts to transform the Catholic Church into a lay-run, Protestant model. Here is an article about it from the National Catholic Reporter (which has a spotted reputation according to some) and a study that was done in 2008 regarding pastoral planning models and so forth.

    There are two very familiar names on page 31 in the Rochester column of the study. Copy and paste the addresses to access the sites. If you look at the comments in the National Catholic Reporter article, you can see what the results of embracing the emerging church model will look like. Not a pretty sight.

    And, I would certainly not describe what is happening, either in our parish or our diocese as "rising from an inferior or unfortunate state or condition." Rather, we have been descending into an inferior and unfortunate state.

  4. Thanks Gretchen,

    I would suggest that everyone hold out the July 12th envelope and not put it in collection basket.

  5. Note: At author's request I moved this comment to the proper post.

    Bill B. says:

    Has anyone thought to call your parish or neighboring parish, or parish you know to trust Rather than speculate? Why not call the envelope company as well, perhaps they know based on who ordered them added. This might eliminate so many blogsters saying they won't give; it could be for something completely worth while for you to donate to. Just an opinion