Thursday, June 16, 2011

"et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt"

Christians know the 'end from the beginning.' No matter the individual battles that may be fought and lost, we can always rejoice in victory. Even when the smoke of battle is all around, the light still shines (John 1:5). I've embedded a couple beautiful musical pieces. The one just below gets going about 45 seconds in, but enjoy the visuals while the music gears up.

Anyway, I came across this post by Ann Barnhardt, who speaks difficult truths without an iota of fear. I've been pondering whether I should write about it or not. It really has to do with Obamacare and how the American bishops have played politics with abortion. But after re-reading it this morning, I realized that it does pertain to our diocese. Were you aware that 66% of the funding of Catholic Charities in our diocese comes from the government? Or to drill down further, it comes from our taxes.

So, the Catholic Church's charitable activities are being paid for, involuntarily, by Americans of all faiths and no faith. Is this something to be proud of, to rejoice in? And if the government is funding the charitable giving in our diocese, what are they then controlling? What strings are attached? No wonder there's no more need for a strong Catholic presence in our communities. No wonder it is convenient to destroy local churches, especially if, like Providence Housing Development Corporation, taxpayers will also be largely funding the destruction of St. Vincent's and the building of a government subsidized senior housing complex. The bishops have apparently 'realized' that it isn't Jesus Christ and His Church that saves lives and souls, it the American Taxpayer via our very own apocalyptic beast--the US government.


And if Obamacare is implemented, your tax dollars will be paying for the murder of unborn babies. Here's a portion of Miss Barnhardt's post:

"Now a quick explanation as to why the Catholic bishops are so gung-ho for ObamaCare, and were willing to overlook the obvious fact that ObamaCare would be used to pay for abortions and sign off on it. And right off the bat, let me shoot down their whole “We were PROMISED that there would be no abortion funding!” argument that they are still making. Remember the so-called “Stupak amendment” and all of that phoney baloney? Please. The bishops KNEW that it was all a ruse and a lie. How do I know? Because I told them, and was met with the standardized response, “We take them at their word and are fighting for the unborn.” Equusfimus. In the first place, you would have to be stupid to the point of non-sentient to believe ANYTHING spoken by a Marxist. A cursory, superficial survey of the 20th century will immediately reveal one fact: Marxists lie. And lie. And murder. And lie. And murder. And lie. Everything they do and say is a lie, driving toward the objective of mass human extermination. Do we honestly believe that the bishops are completely ignorant of 20th century history? No. They knew that the Stupak Amendment and all other lip-service was a lie. They played along with it because it provided a cover for them. And they knew that was all that it ever was - lip service/CYA.

But why? Why do the bishops want ObamaCare so badly? Because if there is a nationalized health insurance, the bishops think that the majority of the funds that the Church spends on charitable healthcare for the indigent will BE ABLE TO BE BILLED TO THE GOVERNMENT instead of absorbed as a cost to the diocese. They see ObamaCare as a massive, massive windfall, essentially freeing up most of the money their dioceses currently spend on charitable care. We are talking billions and billions of dollars per year here, people. Yep. It’s the money. It’s always the money. And these guys are willing to sell all of us out to Marxism AND make all of us complicit in the deaths of millions and millions of babies so they can lay off their expenditures on indigent healthcare and improve their balance sheets. Now that we know that ObamaCare will absolutely cover abortions if allowed to stand, the bishops are claiming that the Marxists “promised” it wouldn’t be so . . . and, and, we had the Stupak Amendment! Yeah, they’re as pure and innocent as the wind-driven compost. Give me a break.

And yeah, I’ll say what many of you are already thinking, because it is true. The bishops see ObamaCare and the resulting windfall as “evening up” the losses incurred by the pedophile priest sex scandals. The truth is, billing indigency cases in Catholic hospitals and clinics to ObamaCare would probably offset the entire payout on the sex scandals within the first year. Beyond that, ObamaCare would be straight-up gravy.

Here is what makes me sick. I have pointed this stuff out to them, and the response I always get is that I am lacking in CHARITY, and if I weren’t so evil, and under the grip of satan, I wouldn’t be so lacking in CHARITY. Uh-huh. This from men who are selling civilization out to Marxists and guaranteeing the deaths of millions of babies SO THEY WON’T HAVE TO EXPEND DIOCESAN REVENUES ON HEALTHCARE FOR THE POOR. Don’t you dare lecture me on charity, Excellency. DON’T. YOU. DARE.

So, what do we do? Do we stop going to Mass? No. We go to Mass as often as we possibly can. Jesus is being betrayed by his own. The spirit of Judas Iscariot is running wild. Do you honestly think that abandoning Our Lord while He is being mutinied by His own is the moral thing to do? Really? What the hell kind of friend runs off when their friend comes under attack? No, no. We stay. We dig in. We ENTRENCH. And we get up in these bishops’ grills like there is no tomorrow. The reason they have gotten away with all of the crap they have gotten away with over the past 50 years is because they never received any significant blowback. That era is now at an end. Call them out. And don’t let them guilt-trip you with the “unity” and “obedience” arguments. They are arguing for UNITY IN EVIL. They are arguing for OBEDIENCE TO EVIL. Marxism is evil. Abortion is evil. We fight evil with every fiber of our beings, because hatred of evil is LOVE OF THE LORD. Jesus went to the Cross for us. It is time we returned the favor.

Stand up for Our Lord. Stand up for His Church. Don’t abandon Jesus because of Judas. Present your bayonets and encircle the Cross. The King of Kings and Creator of the Universe doesn’t NEED to be defended by us, but He gives us this opportunity so that we can show Him, in all of our smallness and feebleness, how much we love Him. And He likes that. It makes Him feel good to be loved by us. It somehow increases His infinite joy when little old you or little old me come to HIS defense in love. Sometimes I think the bigger mystery isn’t that God loves us, but that He actually cares whether or not we love Him back, and that we can actually make Him feel good and increase His happiness if we do. That’s the far bigger mind-blower to me. If we sit around and don’t speak up for Him when He is being attacked, we are NOT loving Him back. We’re taking, but we’re not giving. That’s not love. That’s theft."

One more video of the 'light shining in the darkness':

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