Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sacrifice and Lent

She is serving time in prison for praying outside an abortion clinic. She asks only that she be allowed a Bible, and she begs blankets for the other prisoners. She has the courage of conviction that can only come through a close walk with Christ. Her name is Linda Gibbons. She is an expression of the sacrificial nature of this season. From the article:

Linda Gibbons, by contrast, has no prospect of release. She is a grandmother, age 62. Her crime was praying, publicly, inside the 60-foot "bubble" around a Morgentaler abortion clinic in Toronto. She also, on occasion, held up a placard reading, "Why, Mom, when I have so much love to give?" She first did this in defiance of a temporary court injunction obtained by the Ontario attorney general back in 1994 and has returned to doing it, and been re-arrested, each time she has been released.

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This is what Linda Gibbons opposes:

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