Sunday, March 27, 2011

The cloak of anonymity

There are a couple really powerful blog posts at Cleansing Fire. First, an article from Diane who details the deceit used in the attempt to sell a church organ at St. Januarius. Parishioners will be familiar with the tactics used.

And then Ben writes about anonymity on blogs and links to a thoughtful article.Way back when  Saving Our Parish was first begun, John wrote an article defending the right of free speech for those who wanted to remain anonymous.

Case in point, many in our parish wish to remain anonymous because of perceived retribution from staff. Parish leadership has a bully pulpit and they have used it. They also carry with them the respect and authority their office assigns to them, which can be intimidating to the lay faithful. Just recently Saving Our Parish received an email that accused parishioners identified with Saving Our Parish of harassing, slandering, making false accusations, shouting at and stalking parish staff and workers.

The email specifically named three staff members as the source of these accusations. If true, it is a perfect example of why people wish to remain anonymous.


  1. Very true. I have personally witnessed select staff members mocking parishioners for being too devout, too devoted to the Blessed Mother, too obsessed with tradional devotions such as the Rosary or adoration. I have no doubt that the people who support the mission of the SOP organization have been slandered by some at 222 Dodge Ave.; who accuse others of doing the same thing to them. So be it.

  2. If I didn't love my faith so much and truly believe that the Catholic church was founded by Christ himself, based on the behavior of several of our parish staff, I would leave the church. Instead I left the parish and have no regrets, other than missing many parish friends.

  3. In the recent mailing, Deacon Condon stated that "We are good stewards of what you have given us". Is this true? In 4.5 years he has managed to destroy viable programs, drive parishioners away, deplete finances, divide a parish, threaten to close Churches and more. And now parishioners are being encouraged to make further financial sacrifices. For what?

  4. I am anonymous because it frees me to share what is really in my heart. Whenever I attempted to do this face to face with parish leaders, I was made to feel like an inferior, who had no right to disagree or question. There are consequences to poor behavior.

  5. I too am anonymous because maybe leadership will wonder who I am. They don't seem to care on a personal level, maybe they will accept comments and critique better from an unknown. At this point, it can't hurt. So much damage needs to be un-done. To echo the sentiments of many, we truly need a new beginning, new faces, new vision and new hope.