Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Mass Schedule

Here's the Mass schedule for Christmas:

Christmas Eve:

3 p.m. --    St. Mary's
4 p.m. --    St. Vincent's
5 p.m. --    St. Mary's
7 p.m. --    St. Mary's
Midnight. - St. Mary's

Christmas Day

9:30 a.m. -- St. Vincent's


  1. Four masses At St. Mary's and only 2 masses at St. Vincent's ?!? There has always been midnight mass or a later evening (such as 10:30)mass at St. Vincent's. Obviously when the schedule was written the long standing traditions of the entire parish were not taken into consideration. I think that as many of us that are able to should attend the 4PM mass at St. Vincent's and together show our support of this beautiful church.

  2. I'll be in Addison- too much drama down here. Merry Christmas, though. Maybe one day we will all worship together again.