Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can you trust The Leader?

From an article just posted at

"Today's 'exposé' of the neighborhood flier in The Corning Leader deserves a closer look. In the article 'C-PP officials upset over flyer' it states, “The author of the flyer remains a mystery. The flyer contained neither the name of a person nor an organization…”

That is an untrue statement and The Leader knows it. I hope they will print a retraction.

Read the whole thing.


  1. For years, we have commonly referred to the Leader as the "mis-Leader". We canceled our subscription. The Star Gazette provides much more balanced viewpoints. The Leader caters to Corning Enterprises and the school district. Pay little attention to their biased article.

  2. I am cancelling my subscription today.

  3. You are spewin glies and should be ashamed of your self. Do you even have children attending school in this district? I assume your retired and not worried about our childrens futures.

  4. Get over it! Its all about saving our church not anything to do with school district. I think they are taking advantage of getting more attention by involving SOP. I think The Leader, Corning Enterprises and School District need to grow up. Myself I will be glad when this school deal is over as mentioned above, how many times do we need this voted on. And no I am not retired and do have children in school district.

  5. No-let me tell you exactly what they are doing. They are scared to death that ONCE AGAIN their nemesis, Tom O'Brien, is right and they have ONCE AGAIN crossed the legal line with their financial arrangement for the 100 million dollars. They know they have 50% of the vote but they really need 60%, just in case the judge rules in Tom's favor. Consequently,they are worried sick about every vote. IF they don't get their 60% and IF the legal courts rule against them, they want somebody to blame. Guess what, it's all your fault SOP! That's what you get for trying to save a Church that you love!!!!

  6. There are problems anonymous in most of what you have said. They have projected the debt limit out five years to only need 50%.

    Are they worried about Tom for sure, but, the commisioner did not immediatly rule against the vote.

    Is the Leader the miss-leader, my opinion is the same as yours. Have watched Bob Recotta sleep through too many BOE meetings not to believe that. The story was wrote before he even showed up.

    As far as Corning Inc. They are a great and benevolant company that has done many things for the community in the past, present, and future I am sure. However they have overstepped their boundries. They currently control all aspects of the Corning School District. Facilities, Hiring, Training of both the BOE, and the teachers. This is not right.

    I use the anology if my neighbor was laid off and I offered to help him out is that not the right thing to do. However if I then said since I paid your cable you have to watch CNN, since I paid your car payment you must drive a Ford, since I paid your mortgage you must fix your sidewalk, would that be benevolent at that point.

    That is what the district has done. They have given now the recieve. The proof of this is at I assure you these posts have all been legally foiled from the district. They are public knowledge , posted for the public. You can verify any by going to the district offices and refoiling them. You will recieve the same.

    Now I know shame on me for posting, but I am sorry critics. Not shame on me for posting, shame on Corining Inc. for putting me in a place where I feel I must.

    Get out of our schools Corning Inc. You are a Corp, and this is a public school system. To the parish I apologize you were chastised and blamed for what I and other have done. You are innocent.