Monday, December 6, 2010

600 Fliers

A little more than a week ago a small mailing from Saving Our Parish of about 600 fliers went out to homes in the area of St. Vincent Church. We figured that probably 400 of the fliers would be pitched without being read. Perhaps 100 people or so would read it and feel sympathetic, or not. And of the 100 left perhaps a few would be motivated to write Providence Housing Development Corporation and Bishop Matthew Clark about the sale of St. Vincent’s, or contact their city council members.

Instead, three local entities joined together to discredit and attack their fellow citizens. Much of the rhetoric and actions says more about them than those who are part of Saving Our Parish. We will leave them to their work.

The blog and the website, however, are currently working to save St. Vincent Church, and that will remain the focus. Comments that address issues not tied to St. Vincent’s or other parish issues, will not be published. The Corning Leader has comment posting on their website.

We have not taken a stand on the C-PP facilities plan. That was never our focus. Our concern has always been our church. We believe in letting the voters decide the issue of the facilities plan.

Because of the proximity and timing of Providence Housing’s plan and the possibility of more senior housing being developed at the middle school only a block away, north side residents and their council representatives have much to ponder and weigh.

We think saving a beautiful and gracious church a very worthwhile thing. St. Vincent’s was built with great love and care and has, like the other lovely churches in the neighborhood, anchored and characterized the north side for many years.

It is a vibrant church. It deserves to be saved.


  1. Good for you SOP. Take the high road, even when every bone in your body is screaming "NO"! God bless all of you. We will continue to pray that, through the grace of God, we will save our parish.