Friday, September 10, 2010

The price of selling . . .UPDATE

What would you say of selling off a property that was assessed at over $2 million, for $350,000? has the assessment for you. A big thanks to the parishioner who alerted us to the information.

Read it and weep.

We are talking only the financials here, which is the language parish leadership is speaking. Nothing about the cost in human terms.

UPDATE: The Corning Leader has an article about the sale of SV here.

For a City of Corning tax assessment, go here to see for yourself. Here are a couple of the particulars:

SWIS: 460300 Tax ID: 299.20-01-070.000
Tax Map ID / Property Data
Status: Active Roll Section: Wholly Exem
Address: 109 Ellicott St
Property Class: 620 - Religious Site Property Class: 620 - Religious
Total Acreage/Size: 1.54 Equalization Rate: ----
Land Assessment: 2010 - $38,400 Total Assessment: 2010 - $2,065,000
Full Market Value: 2010 - $2,065,000 Market Value/sqft: N/A

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  1. Remember that the assessment is based on the value of the property, NOT the market value. The Saint Vincent's campus is worth much less than the assessed value because there would be little use for the buildings. Who would pay 2 million for the campus? Having said this, $350,000 is a give-away. Was the property listed with a realtor? Were there attempts to solicit other/higher offers? Or was this an "inside deal"? These questions and more deserve to be addressed.
    Full disclosure.
    Full disclosure.
    Full disclosure.

  2. The argument that the sale price of 350K is too low is more emotion than reality. Unfortunately, the best use of the church is a church. The leadership of the parish (and diocese) want to divest their property. The diocesan comment in today's leader did support the notion that Dean is getting direction from the diocese to "rightsize" which means "downsize". A very disturbing "strategy" from our diocese. They are actually saying that they cannot support a plan to increase parishioners. If the population is decreasing then go find those un-churched in your areas and convert them. This starts with good programs (Youth Ministry/RCIA/Family Programs/Children's many parents come back to church through their kids). This parish, through poor leadership, has decimated the programs that facilitate new membership. The most troublesome part of all of this for me is the fact that Dean is just a microcosm of our Diocese. Poor Leadership, breeds Poor we wonder why the Diocese is ranked next to last in the country?

  3. Well put. Just what many have been saying for the past 4 years. Looks like Rochester is getting some unwanted press and media coverage. All to back an unwanted pastoral administrator whom they didn't know where else to place. What did we do to deserve him? Open your ears, Rochester. The people are trying to get your attention!

  4. "This starts with good programs (Youth Ministry/RCIA/Family Programs/Children's many parents come back to church through their kids). "

    Very true indeed, including good liturgy for the parents, as well. But, I just do not see that happening under the current leadership, unfortunately.

    So, even if selling St. Vincent's is the right decision, the future appears a bit bleak.

    But then, I could be very wrong. There are many good people, and good things can come from these "earhen vessels."

  5. Regarding our parish finances, we could have the money to support St. Vincent's and possibly Immaculate Heart. One reason that we don't? People like me who started attending the ABC churches and divide their offering between All Saints and an ABC church. I grew up in St. Vincent's parish, and I have time and money to give to All Saints. But unless/until the parish changes direction, my offering will not increase. I agree with comments for other posts; this parish resembles a Protestant church more than a Catholic one, and Rochester could not care less.

  6. I cannot believe that the offer from PH is a mere $350,000. There are houses in the neighborhood of St V that are worth $150,000plus. The St Vincent's campus land alone has to be worth more than $350,000. What a deal PH is getting!!!