Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letter from a Native Son

If you are feeling a little down about our parish, there's a letter on the home page of to cheer you up. And then take a look at the news article that was also sent along--yes, it's Bishop Sheen at St. Vincent's!

Many thanks and God bless you, Mr. Kane, for taking the time to write and inspire us all.


  1. Mr. Kane,

    Your letter was very well written and expresses the sentiments of many good Catholics here in Corning. Our faith is not contingent upon a structure, but, as you have so passionately expressed, the place where we have gathered to baptize, to confirm, to recieve our Lord, to marry and to bury is not only home to our Lord, but our home as well. Know that we are fighting. And praying for the holy will of God to prevail.

  2. I am somewhat of an oldie, old enough to relate to many of Mr. Kanes fond memories. My father helped with the construction of Saint Vincent's. When at mass last weekend, I looked around and I came to the conclusion that my father did a very good job. The Church is not crumbling at the seams, in fact, it appears to be in quite remarkable condition, considering that maintainance is minimal. Why tear this great building down? This building is a beautiful, catholic presense on the Northside. Saint Mary's, on the other hand, is in need of many repairs. Did anybody consider my older generation and how we would fear the hill in the winter months? I would hate to see either Church closed or be destroyed but I think that the parishioners should have a voice in making such a big decision. The Church does not belong to the handful of people who are on committees. It is the responsibility of each of us. Thank you Mr. Kane for taking the time to write.

  3. What a well written letter! I, personally share many of Mr.Kane's memories - being a life-time member of St. Vincent's. I would hate to see either St. Vincent's or St. Mary's destroyed for all of the reasons that Mr. Kane wrote about. I just hope that someone is listening to Mr. Kane's comments

  4. Mr. Kane,

    I appreciate your letter and your prayers during this challenging time in our parish. I did not grow up in this area, but was moved as I read of your fond memories of faith in Corning. Saint Vincent's is a landmark and a visible reminder of the faith of those who have come before us. Let us pray for their intercession!