Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whose priorities?

So it's not just gossip. St. Vincent's will in all likelihood be sold, the church demolished, and instead of seniors attending mass there--worshiping and receiving the Lord Jesus Christ--it will become a housing development for them.

The short promotional film that was aired during mass gave a dizzying array of foreboding financial numbers. Why is no context provided? Why now and not several years ago? Why wasn't the parish as a whole involved in finding solutions? I guess we will get all the answers at one of the 18 small group meetings (down from 30?) slated for the end of August and the first few weeks of September.

So with these dire numbers and the recent terminations of Alene Goodman and Eleanor Black bouncing around in one's head, it is so odd and strange to see that our parish is seeking a music ministry director for the Life Teen youth program. (See the embed below.)

As someone commented on another post, "The life teen mass averages only 70 people per week, few teens go, adults included. And Dean is continuing to sink money into this mass while saying that he can't afford Alene's salary."

Looking up the Life Teen ministry, it is shocking to find that one of the founders of this youth ministry is an excommunicated, laicized priest who eventually plea-bargained and pled guilty to one of five charges against him (four of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and one of indecent exposure.) This ex-priest went on to found a Praise and Worship Center with another defrocked priest.

Life Teen ministry, to its credit, has distanced itself from the scandal. Current President Randy Raus said, "I want to assure you as the President of Life Teen, that it has been over five years since Dale Fushek has been involved with the movement of Life Teen. We continue to pray for all involved and for healing. Again, the movement of Life Teen is in full support of Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop Olmsted and the Diocese of Phoenix in these matters..." (Wikipedia)

Still, it makes one wonder. The youth ministry program that was in place at All Saints Parish a few years ago was local, in tune with the unique needs of our parish community's young people, and was thriving on a lot less money than is now being splashed out. Whose priorities are being served here?

Today, our parish leadership is seeking a Director of Life Teen Music Ministry. Is this a paid position? How did we go from a successful youth ministry with high participation and only a part-time youth minister, to now having a full-time youth minister, poor participation, and the sudden 'need' for a music director? One cannot blame the new youth minister, who is following in the wake of the poor decisions that were made long before he came.

Now we are being asked to say goodbye to yet another parish church. On this Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it was telling that during today's homily at St. Vincent's--a homily about our Mother--her image was covered up by the projection screen. Not intentional, to be sure. But telling.


  1. As I sat in my pew on this blessed day I thought to myself that the church didnt feel the same anymore. The music is weird. There is definite tension in the air and a quietness about the parishioners. I so looked forward to hearing Father Lew and his homily that I hoped and prayed God would see us through this horrible ordeal. His homily was inspiring as usual and bless his heart for sticking it out with us. Then we get to the four minute video. I for one felt that I was at a funeral mass for All Saints. It was gut wretching to see the happy faces and the HUGE history of our parish slowly fade away as did the priests who so lovingly served our parish. I feel that that video was a "goodbye" to All Saints. A goodbye to the wonderful things that were done here. A goodbye to the people who gave their time, talents and treasure. A goodbye to one of the most loving friendly parishes I have ever seen. I sat in my pew with tears flowing and saying to myself "how did it get this bad so fast?" We all know the reason. It is very clear that the current administration and involved staff have a new and evangelical view of what our parish is going to be. I dont know if I can deal with these current decisions anymore. I pray to God that He directs us out of this mess. As far as the "mini groups" that are coming up why do we have to sign up for them? Why cant they tell us ALL TOGETHER!!!!! Is it fear? My guess would be yes. God Bless you all and God Bless our parish!!!!

  2. What is sad is that a person with no committment or ties to the community can waltz in here, stir up a mess and get away with it and some people simply buy into it. No concern for past practice, history, or tradition. We were at one time the Corning-Painted Post Roman Catholic Community and now the "Painted Post" factor is being lost by selling Immaculate Heart of Mary. Now let's take away the Northside, the east side is history and that leaves the complex on the hill. A heating nightmare, a parking nightmare and a money pit to renovate, upday=te or whatever other scheme is palnned. Guess he can sell tickets to Mass and the performances to help out.

  3. Amy- My heart breaks at your sadness. Wish I could offer words of encouragment but there are none to share. Parishioners will find little consolation in attending these scheduled meetings- they will see that there is no turning back. Dean's vision will not be altered. He will reign over his one church. He has manipulated enough people to get on board to pull it off. For the meeting's, he will send out his "big guns " with carefully scripted messages meant to comfort the community. In the end, the selling point is that we need to sell inorder to survive but the real message, that will never be expressed, is that we need to get rid of him inorder to survive. Hang in there, Amy. You are not alone.

  4. Amy, can you please email Someone wants to get in touch with you. Thanks in advance.

  5. Watch the collection now. No more of my money for this parish. I have stood by for 4 years, continuing to offer my financial support, even when I disagreed with Dean's decisions. But no longer. In good conscience, I can't justify funding his agenda.

  6. Don't blame Dean- he is who he is, a product of a Protestant conversion experience that influences his ability to lead the Catholic Church. 100% of the blame is on the Diocese of Rochester. They know of our struggles, beginning with Marie, then with Father Phil and Alene and now church closings. They have decided to leave Dean in position come hell or high water. The "hell" is here.

  7. "Why is no context provided? Why now and not several years ago? Why wasn't the parish as a whole involved in finding solutions?"

    My thoughts exactly.

    This should not be a surprise: Dean has wanted a single super Victory Highway type praise and worship center from the very onset.

    How sad.

  8. Have anybody ever been to a life teen mass? The kids are supposed to be "engaged" through the music. The philosophy is that if you make the music cool enough for them, they will flock to the church for a spiritual experience. Unfortunately, this concept seldom works. Kids see through the gimic. Many churches that have tried this program have abandoned it. If you have been to our own life teen mass, you will notice that there are very few kids in the pews, most are required to be there for the confirmation program and won't be back after confirmation. Music never makes for roping kids in- the sacraments do. Continuing to put money into this program is not financially prudent. Lets vote: Life Teen program or Faith Formation Director. I vote for Alene. This is yet another example of poor, self-serving leadership.

  9. These meetings will be poorly attended! We weren't part of the process. Who wants to sit through a meeting AFTER the decision has been made. What a joke. Too bad it's not funny. Then when nobody shows up for the meetings, Dean will claim that nobody cares because they didn't bother to attend. And the fact is, we all care but know that our caring and our sharing will not change one single thing.

  10. Forgive if I am wrong, and I by no means want to belittle the work and donation of time and talent, but do you mean to tell me that no one on staff has a musical background and can take time to align musical selections with Mass(es)?

    Let's sell off the parish - OUR HERITAGE - but hire someone for one ministry. A ministry that the majority of parishioners deem unwanted.

    These decisions are mind-bogglingly inept and seemingly uninformed.

    Please, please, PLEASE - gather your friends and go to a meeting. Give your alms directly to those that need it; obviously if we do not own the buildings, we no longer need to pay for their maintenance.

    Your silence and absence can no longer help the parish.

    Is there a way to show our disapproval by placing an envelope in the collection basket with bright red letters saying "Save Our Parish?"

    Is there cannon or secular law regarding your envelope and its contents once placed in the collection basket? If I place a note in my envelope, is there an accounting procedure that takes place that must record what was contained in the envelope once it is opened by a parish staff member? There must be some secure or audit process being followed for fear of embezzlement.

  11. Agree with above post. As much as we might be tempted to give up, we need to fight back. Go to these meetings and make some noise. Demand that Dean be present and that he witness the outrage. This past weekend, he should have been at every single mass to introduce the now infamous 4-minute video: "The Destruction of All Saints Parish". If we are to lose Saint Vincent's, let our final legacy be a well-fought battle.

  12. Amy, you state that "the current administration and involved staff have a new and evangelical view of what our parish is going to be." Could you please give examples of what this view is? Also, I think the reason for the small groups instead of a large meeting is so more people can be heard. In a large meeting it would be more difficult for everyone to ask the questions they want. It is not out of fear.

    People should go to these meetings to get information and ask questions. Be part of the process as mentioned above, as a firm decision has not been made. The information to be given at these meetings comes from several years of hard work by the Buildings Committee and should not be ignored.

  13. Dean has operated on a divide and conquer platform on every issue- thus the reasons for the smaller groups. If otherwise, he could have scheduled 1-2 large group gatherings, with small group breakdowns after a large group presentation. It's all about control.

  14. The 'new' evangelical outlook?

    --John Polce and his Charismatic music services
    --Pentecostal-style healing services
    --The stated desire to evangelize and 'take Corning for Christ'
    --The prayer walks through Corning
    --Small groups emphasis
    --Continuation of elevating lay people into positions of authority
    --Video presentations in which distinctly Catholic church buildings are de-emphasized and programs are emphasized
    --Discouragement of traditional Catholic devotional practices
    --Men's softball classic game

    I'm sure we could all name other things.

  15. What is evangelical about a men's softball game?

  16. Is that your only beef? Is that going to discredit all the other points that were made?

    If it was a Catholic-geared activity, it would've been a parish softball game. Families, not just men. The old, the young, males, females, and so on.

    Protestants, God bless 'em, are really good at dividing up Christians into little subgroups and 'ministering' to them. Catholics, on the other hand, excel at the more universal aspect of community building--spaghetti dinners and so on.

    As a convert, I can tell you there's a world of difference between a men's softball game and a shared parish meal with everyone invited to join in.

  17. What do you mean "be part of the process" "a firm decision has not been made"? In the letter I got in the mail today, signed by Stephen Rossettie, William Cassidy, Dean Condon, and George Martinec it states that the "purpose of the plan is to enhance the spiritual and financial strength of All Saints Parish by focusing on creating one excellent worship site"! Sounds like the decision has already been made and now there are meeting to inform us of the plan. How Nice!

  18. Got the letter as well. It's being played out very nicely. Dean hides behind 3 others, with his name strategically omitted from the fancy letterhead. One could expect no less from the finance council chair but I am disappointed that the other 2 are willing to risk their good names on this one.

  19. Maybe they'll pray the Rosary before the guys-only game, will that help? Or the Divine Mercy? (Dean loves that one!) Now that this has been discussed, expect to hear of the First Annual Womens Softball game!

  20. Let's see here..more attention put on music INSTEAD of Eucharistic adoration..that smells like evangelical idealism if you ask me!!! The "strategic plan" of one church instead of three churches..sniff sniff..i smell evangelical idealism!!! I gues if you want to be a part of a mega-church with evangelical idealism you have every right to do so. NOT ME!! Before I converted to Catholism I went to a church down the road on victory highway and the reason I left is there was no feeling of the Holy Spirit and it was WAY evangelical!!! If I want that I will stay and support Dean and his brain-washing tactics. I can't believe people can't seem to see him for what he is..PROTESTANT

  21. Amy- Please hear this. The Catholic Church is not perfect, there are poor leaders, not just here but all over the world. But they are greatly out-numbered by the many more wonderful, inspiring, truth-seeking, holy, humble and obedient priests and religious. I am a convert, as well, and am deeply troubled by the Diocese of Rochester and their failure to provide leadership to the people of All Saints Parish. But my faith in the Church Jesus Christ established is not dependant on Dean Condon. My faith depends on our Lord, who is with us in our struggles. Stay strong. Stay Catholic. We may lose these small battles but we will be victorious.

  22. Somebody said, "The information to be given at these meetings comes from several years of hard work by the Buildings Committee and should not be ignored."

    I hope that is true.

    But it is completely nutty to think that it takes three years to figure out that capital improvements need to be made and three years to get estimates on those improvements and come up with a time line for implementation, and triage the maintenance needs, and then three years to decide that one church is better than three, and so on. These are things that an average businessman can do in weeks or months at the most.

    It seems more likely that the capital expenditures were put off until they became a serious problem; meanwhile the money was spent on other stuff that was deemed important and vital, but really wasn't. Wouldn't we all like to know the budget details!

    Because of the sluggishness in the planning cycle, the leadership and councils have created emergencies in the execution phase.

    It doesn't take three years to gather facts and develop a plan, rather it takes three years to gather consensus among the parish elites and courage to implement a plan that the parish faithful clearly wouldn't be behind.

  23. I will never leave my Catholic faith. I agree that we have some awesome priests out there and we should be very thankful. I also agree that most of the problems we are going through are being ignored by the Diocese. We do need a drastic change because people are leaving right and left. I pray that God sees us through.

  24. I am still trying to process all that is happening. In Wegmans, at the ballfield, on the streets, people are talking about the horrible news. Anger, shock but mostly sadness...The elderly who never thought they would see their beloved Saint Vincent's closed are grieving. This parish no longer belongs to the people in the pews but rather to the people with the power to make decisions and execute changes. The people who are supporting Dean need to be prepared to fund the capital project at Saint Mary's, I predict they will get little support from the wider parish.

  25. I say we go to the press for this. Shake it up and put the heat on!!! Then the Diocese will hear us!!!!!

  26. "As a convert, I can tell you there's a world of difference between a men's softball game and a shared parish meal with everyone invited to join in."

    Well, the entire Parish was invited, at least as spectators. What is wrong with that? You are making something of nothing.

    Also, I do not see anyting wrong with prayer walks. Our mission should involve a concern for the world and its conversion.

    The healing Masses came from Fr. Boniface, not Dean.

    Discouragement of traditional Catholic devotional practices? Bingo! And, at a deeper level, a real failure to be Eucharistic centered. And, therein lies the problem.

    How does one fix that? I kind of think God has to do it.

  27. I will grant you the softball point.

    The prayer walk was an example of the Protestantizing of the parish. Not a question of whether it is good or bad. Although it is quite gimmicky and typical of those who are always running after new things.

    Dean is continuing the healing services in the same style as Fr. Boniface, which is Pentecostal.

    As far as God fixing the failure to be centered on the Eucharist -- He often uses the faithful to fix such things.

  28. Amy- Going to the press is a tough call. We must be careful to not further scandalize the Church at a time when the Church still bears the wounds of the Priest scandal. I do know that many outside the parish are reading this site and are becoming more informed of the depth of the leadership issues. "Blowing Dean out of the water" in a public forum could cause more damage to the Church than we are already experiencing. But maybe I am wrong. We need to hang in here and hang together as best we can.

  29. Dean is doing the healing masses? I did not know that God had called him into the ministry of healing. How long has he had this gift and has anybody experienced it? Just surprised, that's all. Not saying it isn't possible but have known of many priests and religious who God is directly using to heal-it truly is a beautiful ministry and a testimony to the healing power of Christ.

  30. I said Dean is continuing healing services, I don't know about the masses. I heard that Fr. Fred may be conducting the healing masses. Does anyone know if those will continue now that Fr. Boniface is gone?

    John Polce, Dean's friend who was here recently, was present at a healing service. Polce was strumming the guitar on the altar and talking like a faith healer, 'I see that someone has a rash' and so on.

    Fr. Boniface was there, and he and Dean laid hands on people and prayed for healing. Don't know if anyone was healed. It was not a mass.

  31. In the Pastoral Planning section on the Diocese of Rochester website <>, the following appear under the Decision Making section of the FAQ:
    17. Will the Planning Group be the decision making body?
    The Planning Group is the group responsible for leading the pastoral planning process and developing the pastoral plan. The proposed plan needs to affirmed by parish/faith community pastoral councils before being presented to the Bishop.
    18. How much input will the total parish have in the plans?
    While most of the work of analysis, assessment, and planning will be done by a planning team, the results of the analysis and planning must have standing with the entire faith community. Thus the pastoral planning process includes review and feedback from parishioners and staff and agreement by the pastoral councils of the parishes and faith communities.
    If the parishioners do not accept the plans, do we have recourse to block further movement on the plans? If so, how?
    If the plan being put forth is following Bishop Clark’s direction, do we literally have a higher power than him to appeal to?

  32. Just learning of this site- thank you to all who are sharing so freely. I have learned more in the last 20 minutes than in the last 3 years with sitting in the pew. I moved here in 2007, hoping to find a warm, welcoming Catholic community. Initially, I thought I succeeded. But as I got closer to people in the church, I heard very unpleasant remarks about Deacon Condon. I chose to ignore them, having since withheld my opinion out of respect for the position of Pastoral Administrater. However, after reading these blogs and in light of the recent dismissal of Alene (I do know her) and this weekend's announcement of the sale of Saint Vincent's, I have many concerns. If only half of these statements, observations and accusations are true, I agree that the Deacon needs to be removed from office. For the sake of this parish community.

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  34. I had to delete a comment. Please refrain from name-calling.

  35. In response to the parish hiring a new music director. People keep talking about the loss of Alene, Eleanor, Father Phil and Marie. But has anybody considered the losses in the music ministry? This area has taken a great hit in the last 4 years. I know of 3 music leaders who have left and 1 group who has ceased playing. Now Al Pacete has "left". There may a common denominator- does any adult with years of experience like to be instructed by a person who happens to be a teen-ager and the son of the pastoral administrator???? Nothing against the kid or not to question his musical knowledge, it's just not appropriate.

  36. We at the ABC parishes are witnessing the new faces and families. We hate to see you All Saints people losing buildings and employee's but are happy to have the new members. We are ONE church and this is the beauty of our faith!

  37. There is so much to be said about Sacred tradition and.... I don't know how else to put it but... the "sobriety" of the Catholic Church. The big mega churches are very often built on worldly pretenses having all the bells and whistles in order to draw in the "worldly". What Deacon Dean fails to understand is that true Catholics do not need or want to be ministered in this way. Listen to what the Bible says: Therefore, brothers, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught, either by an oral statement or by a letter of ours. (2 Thess 2:15)

    And again,

    I praise you because you remember me in everything and hold fast to the traditions, just as I handed them on to you. (1 Cor 11:2). Note that the Protestant King James and New American Standard versions use the word "tradition" whereas the popular NIV renders the word "teachings" which is a poor translation from the original source, the Latin Vulgate. These churches do offer some good preaching and such but in the long run there is nothing like the overwhelming presence of the Lord found in the Eucharist. I doubt Dean will ever get this. Hes looking for something to "appeal" to the people and is walking away from what the real attraction is.

  38. Amen, amen, amen. Don't know who you are Saint Gemma but you have hit the nail on the head. We are a EUCHARISTIC people. Everything shadows in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament!

  39. Back again. I have observed in my relatively short time here that there is a lost focus at the masses. In my old parish, there was much more respect for the Eucharistic presence. The music was not in the forefront at mass, but in the background. There was silence before and after mass for quiet prayer. Sometimes I feel like the music is the main attraction at All Saints and the sacrifice at the altar is an after-thought. So I do agree with the above post. We cannot be Catholic in name only!

  40. Well said Saint Gemma!!!! We must get back to our Catholic roots and leave this evangelical overtone..The EUCHARIST is the CENTER of our belief, not some weird song and plans of a mega-parish.

  41. It made me extremely sad when watching that 4 min. video at Mass on Our Blessed Mother's holy day --it had to be on that day... It was strange the word 'ONE' kept cropping up in that video. Well, that's what we're heading for---ONE church---if we're lucky!

    I remember, way back, when Sister Joan was here and the idea of 'ONE' church was kicked around then. We at St. Pat's had a great family oriented parish with wonderful priests, a vibrant religous ed. program, and energetic families. Change was needed. We were the first to go! We blended as best we could within the other church families and have survived. But then came the next administrator... We then lost our teen program with a devoted religious team, energetic teens, and supportive families. But we couldn't have that! Change was needed!!!

    We lost our teens (the future of our church), we failed them as a community, and 'they' didn't care about what the parents wanted or said. Yes, I went to those small group discussions. I even had my own discussions with Dean as a concerned parent. But what did that matter. I even wrote to Fr. Conboy. That was a waste. Rochester has their plans for us here in Corning. We're just a 'conservative' group of people who don't quite know what's good for our community, for our families, or for our kids! And I wonder if 'they' even care about our priests! Our priests here have been wonderful, but life here has taken a toll on them as well.

    If you get a chance read the book, 'TO THE PRIESTS, Our Lady's Beloved Sons'. This book helped me get through these past few weeks. Starting at 6:45 a.m. I hear the destruction of St. Pat's! I know, it's only a 'building'! There are 3 more 'buildings'... God will help us get through all of this with Mary's help.


  42. "As far as God fixing the failure to be centered on the Eucharist -- He often uses the faithful to fix such things."

    I agree, but it is more often with humble and quiet service.

    What is the plan here? While I agee with much that is being said, I have doubts about how effective this approach is going to be in making a change. The best I see from it is the comfort that comes in knowing one is not alone in his/her thinking, which is no small thing I suppose.

  43. I will chime in here. Sometimes, simply bearing witness to the truth can accomplish wonders. Truth is so divinely powerful, wouldn't you agree?

    There are numerous Bible verses that attest to that. In the Garden of Gethsemane, when the Pharisees and soldiers were seeking Jesus, the following occurred in John 18: "Judas then, having received a band of men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, came with lanterns and torches and weapons. 4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said to them, Whom do you seek? 5 They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said to them, I am he...As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground."

    The truth that was and is the Son of God sends men sprawling. It heals the sick. It raises the dead. It casts out demons.

    I think, sometimes, that we underestimate the spiritual power of simply standing for and in the truth.

    Another Bible verse says, "Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the LORD with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them: for the LORD will be with you." (2 Chron. 20:17)

    What God did require of His people in that battle was to sing His praises, to honor Him. We can all do that, and do it without ceasing.

    Each of us will be lead to act as the occasion demands, whether it be asking probing questions at the facilities meetings, or sharing ideas with friends or neighbors, or taking action in other ways.

    Asking for the truth, seeking the truth, knocking on the door of truth, these are the weapons that cast down strongholds. We are not fighting people, we are fighting a spiritual battle.

    Okay, I'm off the soapbox.

  44. Here is the thing... we have momentum going and people are responding in ways that will be felt. Some are leaving to go to other churches, some are tithing elsewhere, some will attend the meetings to see if it leads anywhere, some are trying to get adoration going, and others are simply praying on their own. It does need to go beyond blogging. I do think it is critical that people are making a determined effort to do something, each playing their own little part. Satan would love nothing more than for us all to surrender and say "what's the use?". Attending the meetings might be a good idea. If nothing else to voice concerns and perhaps even outrage. I after that, there is no improvement, maybe we could send a petition to the diocese to get someone other than Dean who will listen? I wish there was a more unified way but the worst we could do is give up. It's one thing for mass attendance to go down because people are looking for a church that suits there need for a more modern type of worship but to see numbers drop because the leaders do not respect the Catholic disposition of heart of their parishioners is quite another. For sure some go out of obligation but judging by this site many that go to mass out of deep reverence.

  45. I am dismayed at the Protestant bashing that seems to be the theme in some of the posts. Whether Catholic or Protestant, we are all Christians and are expected to respect each other. Furthermore, many of the most active volunteers in the All Saints Parish community are people who are not "cradle Catholics", but have chosen the faith later in life. In a time when Catholics are leaving the Church, why would we want to alienate people who choose to convert?

  46. I agree ... we need to stop bashing protestants! We are all Christians , and that is not the point of this blog.
    I just feel that we need to find a way to all stand united to "save our parish" - why do we need to sign up for a meeting? We need to unite and go to the meeting as one, ask the people who have made these decisions to be there.Why small group meetings? I, myself, feel intimidated. I think thats what they want. A few meetings..tell us when and where .. no sign up necessary

  47. You do understand that there are a few profound differences between Protestants and Catholics, right?

    This is not so much a question of bashing Protestants as it is the desire to hold onto and honor the Catholic faith as passed down to us from the Church Fathers, the Apostolic Tradition, and the Church.

    If people want a Protestant experience, there are numerous houses of worship in Corning in which to get it. The Catholic experience, however, is getting rarer by the day. We'd like to hold onto it, if you don't mind.

  48. I don't think it is about "bashing protestants" is about having Catholic Sacred Tradition pushed aside and compromising what is very holy to Catholics.

  49. I agree we need to hold on to Catholic tradions-mainly why I go to the tradional mass in Addison- but at the same time stick to the issue and not "bash" protestants with a holier than thou attitute!

  50. Again, we are not having a 'holier than thou attitude', it is attempting to hold on for dear life to the tradition of our Fathers. STOP acting like it is Catholics bashing Protestants. Our Catholic parish is being Protestantized. There is no getting around that. It needs to be said.

  51. TO Anonymous dated August 16, 2010 5:06 PM

    Your reference to 'other 2 are willing to risk their good names on this one' is every bit as distasteful as what I have heard is coming from the parish office. Neither has a place in this discussion. It's ugly.

  52. I have sat here reading all the posts and comments and am struck by the overwhelming sense of loss and anger. I am, relatively, new to the Parish so I am unaware of the history behind a lot of the posts. But I must confess that I was very dismayed when I saw the Rose window being removed from St. Patrick’s, I felt a sense of loss. I understand the need to restore the Parish to fiscal viability, but am distraught at the proposal that was put forth in the, now infamous, video last weekend. I wonder how it could take three years to come to such erroneous decisions. How can the Parish administration justify selling off two Churches. I wonder if any consideration was given to how that decision would alienate those who attend Mass at those locations. Was any consideration given to the impact those decisions would have on collections? We are losing Parishioners because the decision was made to fire two staff members; how do they think the decision to sell off Churches will be taken? If the Parish is not economically viable now because collections, bequeaths, etc. are declining: how will these decisions help? My wife and I have increased on contributions from 0 to almost ten percent in two years and now we are asking God for direction because we cannot continue in good conscience to offer our continued support to these heinous and, seemingly, disastrous decisions.

    And, quite honestly, the worst part of it all is that those making the decisions will never admit to the negative impact it has had on our Parish. They will continue to point fingers and say they offered the opportunity for input but received little. Maybe the fact that they are receiving so little feedback should be taken for what it is: frustration by the Parish that their opinions and desires are given so little consideration. Leadership that does not take into account the impact of its decisions on those who are impacted is bound to fail.

  53. I moved here a year ago after many years away. I grew up in St. Vincent's. When I returned I found it impossible to pray comunally with all the noise of the 9:30 Mass.I went to St. Mary's and did not know who the priest was for most of the Liturgy as the Deacon seemed to dominate the liturgy. I was not attracted to his control and seeming overshadowing both the Eucharist and the ordained priest.. Mount Savior is worth the eleven mile trek from my house for there is a spiritual nourishment with the Eucharist as the center of worship.
    I was so looking forward to being part of the Corning Worship community but have found a solid reflective community of lay and monks at Mount Savior who gather at 9.a.m and offer a coffee time afterward for those who want to get to know each other. Their educational opportunities have been excellent for deepening one's faith and love for Eucharist.

    Just a question? Catholic education is so vital for Corning and why does not the Parish administrator have his children in the school? Seems strange for a leader not to support and model Catholic Education and its quality by having his own children attend .

  54. The Deacon and his wife have home schooled their children from the start. As parents, we have the right to choose how and where our children are educated. I don't think it is strange that the family would continue to do what works for them.

  55. Linda of course as parents we have the right to choose. That's not the point I am making. I am saying that choosing to take on leadership of a church and school does hold some consequences and sacrifice and limits so to speak. Is it ok for a Methodist pastor's kid to attend Religious education classes at the Baptist church? You think the congregation would not uestion that?Sometimes one's chosen "career" has implicit demands. He is THE leader of ASP and as leader, he is not supporting the school by the fact he does not send his children there. Tuition does not seem to be an issue I would think. He is not hired for peanuts. When we were taught by the Sisters here we often were told actions speak louder than words and lead by example. Well, come to think of it maybe that is why some are saying he never holds up the good done in the school from the pulpit. Amen.