Saturday, August 28, 2010

Community Meeting Planned

A meeting has been set up for all those who are interested in alternative solutions to the sale of St. Vincent's Catholic Church. Set for Sunday, Sept. 12, from 2-4 p.m. at the Steuben County Library in Corning, the meeting will include discussion on solutions related to St. Vincent's, as well as disseminate information and share specific actions parishioners can take to become involved. Go to for a printable flier.

All are welcome.

In addition, a bank account has been set up at M&T Bank with the name Saving Our Parish. Donations can be made directly to the bank and checks should be made out to Saving Our Parish. This account will be used for such things as purchasing signs and printing fliers. Unused funds will be donated to All Saints Academy.


  1. I was under the impression that the sale of Saint Vincent's is pretty much a done deal. Do you really think it is possible to change the direction? I hope so but have my doubts. The only way would be to show Rochester that we will financially support maintaining 2 churches. This would require that those who have left would return. But they won't come back unless there is a change in leadership. So where does this leave us????

  2. “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense." (Winston Churchill)

  3. To amonymous: Do you think it is possible to save Saint Vincents when all parish, finance, ASA and facilities committees are unanimous in their position? It feels like we don't have one single person with any power in our corner.

  4. Oh but we do!!! Do you really believe that our Lord would want to see His Church closed and demolished? He and our Blessed Mother will lead us in this battle- pray and see what good will come!

  5. 8:41 post- How is it that all members are unanimous when the parish they represent is so divided? Not one person on any of these committees is uncomfortable with the Strategic Plan? Not one?

  6. Have you ever heard the saying, "One with God is a majority?" And from the Bible, "What cannot God do?"

    We need to have holy confidence and trust in God's disposal of events.

    Buck up, people. The unanimous claim is an overreach.

  7. Oh my! Where do I began? I have lived in two cities where there was clustering and merging because of a lack of priests. We cried and wept and grieved and mourned TWICE because the clustering and mergers caused the closing of churches. It was a very bitter pill to swallow, but it did cause a deepening of my faith. My Grandfather told stories of his Army Chaplain Priest (Father McNulty) saying mass on the hood of a jeep. As long as we can gather in the name of Jesus, hear His Sacred Word, receive His Sacred Body and Precious Blood, I guess I will be grateful - even if it's in a warehouse or in a field. I love beautiful churches - they help me transcend the time and place of this world into the beautiful eternity of heaven.
    But the major issue for me is not the church building - it's the church who is US - God's Children. It seems so surreal that we actually have our administrator not listening to us, not truly shepherding us (although I think he actually believes he is), a parish staff that, for the most part, believe they have our best interest at heart while in all actuality are self-serving in terms of protecting their turf, their ministries, their jobs, a Strategic Plan that shows no common sense strategy, information sessions that articulate no real information, and this is the current state of the church in our parish and in our diocese?
    I live north-west of Corning. Does anyone know the closest parish in that area? I need to take a break from this to get centered and balanced. I hope I'll be able to return soon.
    This is all just so unreal.

  8. Just read the bulletin online. Loved the Q and A on the facilities. Basically, a slap in the face to anybody with any spiritual connection to Saint Vincents. Such a cold, cold statement: We don't need the space, let's get rid of the building. How insensitive to those who are grieving. It is these little and repeated acts of inconsideration that help to explain the empty pew syndrome.

  9. I hope to see you all at the community meeting on september 12th!!! It is not a done deal!!! We still have time!!!! Pray hard and pray often!! God will see us through!!!

  10. Checked out the bulletin, too. How long can we survive on the collection of $7000? I remember when Sister Joan was here and the collections were up to $20,000.

    When parishioners withdraw their financial support, SOMEBODY should take notice.

    Where are you Rochester? We are trying so hard to get your attention. We are unhappy and you have turned your back on us. What will it take for you to acknowledge that there needs to be a leadership change? You ignore our letters and our e-mails. Your sheep are lost and you appear to not care.

    Send us a sheperd.

  11. To amonymous 9:31pm- I cannot tell you how much my family loves, yes loves, the masses in the ABC parishes. So simple. Light on the music, so the focus is on the Eucharist. A priest almost always preaches and both priests are very good. A plus for my kids, the mass is short (usually 35 minutes), so they don't get restless. There are no theatrics- no drums or electric guitars on the altar area. People do not talk in church, before mass is quiet prayer time. Addison has a great religious ed program- very traditional. Ummm...what else...mostly, we needed a break and planned to come back to All Saints but have decided to stay. There are so many All Saints families attneding, it feels like home. More families are coming since Alene was "canned" (Don't get me going on this- Dean really blew it with this one.) I think you should try it- there is peace and it feels right for my family.

  12. While it's nice to know that if St. Vincent's does get bulldozed there's an ABC church out there for me, I still will be fighting to save St. Vincent's in the meantime. And I agree that this is much more than just trying to hang onto churches, this is about the actions of the leadership more than anything else.

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  16. Perhaps it is time to begin moving past the anger. Opportunities to act are happening. Parishioners are no longer voiceless. If we are to move toward true unity and progress, forgiveness is needed on all sides, even if we aren't feeling particularly forgiving at the moment.

    At the very least, perhaps we can move past some of the more intemperate remarks. I have made a few myself. I'm not completely over the anger. But I don't want to stay stuck in it, either.

    Whatever happens, we don't want a settled bitterness and anger to characterize our words and actions.

    Lively debate can happen without insults. One thing we share in common is that we all love our parish community and want the best for it.

  17. I love what you said Teresa of Avila because if we don't let go of anger there can not be healing. It doesn't mean we have to cave in and not expect changes. As someone wrote above so eloquently of their Grandfather, we can draw near to Jesus where ever He is. No one wants a church to close; it's like losing a family member. The Book of Jeremiah says, "For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the LORD, plans for your welfare, not for woe! Plans to give you a future full of hope."(29:11) I truly believe in some sense that Deacon Dean feels the need to follow the 'marching orders' of the diocese. The question may not be one of how we can stop it but how can we move forward. Please don't take this wrong, because I admire any new resolve to save what we have. Of great concern is having Deacon receive our concerns in his heart and listen. St. Thomas Aquinas says:
    "Here is how people need to conduct themselves in order to progress in the spiritual life. Always embrace prudence in thought, word and deed. Prudence takes into account the effects or consequences of free will choices upon others. Prudence is never rash or impulsive. It is not unshakable in its own opinions but carefully considers the opinions of others. Prudence is especially dependent upon Holy Love and Holy Humility as its fuel."

    "Bad decisions which cause division, conflicts or even wars are always based upon imprudence." Hopefully this has shaken the conscious of everyone on both sides on how to be more charitable and understanding.

  18. We all love our parish deeply and want to save it. Pray hard that God leads us in the right direction. Pray that God gives us the strength to band together as a parish and to move above and beyond the pain that has come to us. Pray that God blesses us everyday with love that He has for each and everyone of us.

  19. To the anonymous who was asking about another parish, the Addison church is nearby.

    St. Catherine of Siena
    51 Maple St.
    Addison, NY 14801

  20. I am interested in attending this meeting, but I'd like to know whether it will be run in a charitable and constructive manner.

    I think there are a lot of problems with the plan to close down St. Vincent's, but I know that no solution will be reached if we waste time discussing people's individual characters or perceived moral flaws. Such discussions will burn any remaining bridge with the parish and diocesan leadership whereby to present a real solution, not to mention undermine our goal of promoting the Faith in our community.

    I WOULD like to spend time thinking about how we can find a solution to the parish's current financial state and its broader context of a long and steady decline in church attendance - the crisis of faith that is the real story - without sacrificing a valuable neighborhood church.

    We're all sinners; I have no interest in wasting time talking about the moral flaws of our leaders and fellow parishioners - that's a given. Will we be focusing on finding real solutions at this meeting, speaking as mature adult Christians in a manner that is truthfully charitable? We should speak about any member of the parish, including its leadership, as if they were in the room. In fact, they should be invited.

    Please advise - and thank you!

  21. Anonymous 4:35 p.m., the planned meeting will be charitable and constructive! It is to be moderated, and yes, the leadership and all council and committee members have been invited.

    It is time to look at options and solutions.

    Thank you for asking just the right questions.