Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just venting?

One of our team has been receiving emails from a parishioner who feels SavingOurParish is not helpful. A latest missive includes the following:

"Just wondered how you are going with the proposal that you said would be out in a few weeks.  Are you making any progress, when do you think you will have your first pass?"

Apparently our friend feels comfortable with the fact that it has taken the parish leadership over three years to come up with a plan for our financial situation, for there has been no criticism of that 'time line'. It's a wonder a fellow parishioner would have so little patience with the brethren as they study the situation, gather information, and formulate possible answers. One thing can be guaranteed, it won't take three years!

Next, is this: 

"I think the blogs are getting really hoppy [sic] but I still see nothing of substance coming from them.  I guess the anonymous people want to only vent.  I think it would be better if they offered up ideas and acted on them rather than just venting."

We can be assured that our friend's venting (without offering up any solutions) is quite as annoying as our friend feels the venting on this blog is. Apparently the website and blog are not allowed as part of the solution being offered. An open forum in which all parishioners have a voice. Not a solution. People free to speak their mind without fear of reprisals. Not a solution. Voices that have a variety of perspectives. Not a solution. Articles that ask the hard questions. Not a solution. A more fully informed parish. Not a solution. Options for worship and tithing. Not a solution. Official avenues for expressing dissatisfaction (or satisfaction for that matter). Not a solution.

This parishioner seems personally offended. That is regrettable. But St. Jerome says, "If an offense comes out of the truth, it is better that the offense come than that the truth be concealed."


  1. Wow. Despite my differing opinions, I was once really inspired and impressed with this site. After reading the insensitive, demeaning, and, honestly, hurtful ways the writer of this post quoted someone genuinely expressing an opinion saddens me. You are doing exactly what you've been removing posts for. I will pray for you to receive some humility and empathy for others who do not agree 100% with you... peace

  2. First off, no one has been challenged by name. The individual is completely anonymous and unknown to all except themselves.

    The quotes from this person speak for themselves. They will receive a fair airing.

    Sorry, but limits to patience are sometimes reached. There has been every effort to express charity and to engage in fruitful dialog. When Jesus told us to turn the other cheek he did not mean to take endless abuse from others. The expression was really meant as a challenge to the one who slapped the face. To slap someone with the back of the hand meant to slap someone in an inferior position. To draw back and slap with an open hand meant to slap an equal.

    There has been an abundance of dialog and honest respect for this person. Unfortunately, it has not been returned, and the vitriol has escalated. While it is regrettable, the choice on our friend's part is to continue to bait with insults and provocations, while demanding and expecting an endless platform in which to attack.

    We encourage all who have strong opinions, whatever they are. The individual who wrote that email (and numerous others) is free to comment in complete anonymity and to have his/her views expressed on this website.

    They must, however, expect that they will be challenged.

  3. If people are struggling with postings on this site, they should just avoid it. This is not a "feel good" topic in the parish and attempts to get answers to the tough questions may make some uncomfortable. Our concerns should have been addressed by parish leadership but the pattern is to present half of the truth. Consequently, the division, the confusion and the frustration. Nobody to blame but those at the top. Let's support each other as much as possible through this site and continue to pray for the parish.

  4. I don't agree with every opinion on this website but I do agree that it serves as a good forum for people to share their thoughts. I also believe that staff members are tuning in- it's important that they know how people are feeling. Keep posting, keep it on topic and don't say anything that you wouldn't say in front of your mother or children!

  5. We are drawing ever closer to the heart of this present Storm, and the Lord will not forsake us by remaining silent (Amos 3:7). To those who seek, they will find. To those who knock, the door will be opened. To those who listen, they will hear.
    It all will fall into place in Gods time.