Thursday, July 1, 2010


What has happened to our parish? And what can we do? I am a disheartened and disillusioned parishioner struggling with questions like: Do I leave the parish I love? Is there any possibility for a change of leadership? Who can help us? I fear for the loss of All Saints Parish as little by little, bit by bit, we are losing our Catholic identity.
--- From guestblogger St. John Vianney


  1. Dear St. John Vianney,

    We hear you! We have the same questions and hope that with input from our fellow parishioners we'll be able to find answers. Check out our website at for news and info. Our parish needs your prayers, whether you stay or go. Stay tuned.

    Any suggestions are most welcome.

  2. I am afraid that our voices are truly not heard at the diocese. There is a filter and I believe our opinions are considered less important because we are merely "parishioners" whom God could not possibly be speaking to.

  3. The diocese does not care about parishoners way down here..never have otherwise there would not be this mess going on. I've heard they want him out but there is no other place that wants him or a place to put him...sad..I can think of a place..Victory Hgwy since he hangs out there anyway.