Monday, July 19, 2010

Announcing Thursday's Chat Topic!

Hey all, as requested, Thursday's chat topic is slated for 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., or later if need be, and will center on the recent layoffs.

We'll throw out a few questions, if needed, and let parishioners have a forum in which to discuss these latest actions by the parish leadership.

Now, a few rules. We don't make personal attacks. We don't make unsubstantiated accusations, even if you know they are true. You have to back them up--names, dates, times, places...ya know?

Strong personal opinions are fine -- just not ones that make personal attacks, like name-calling and so on. We have a high calling from Jesus Christ. Let's keep to it.

So, travel on over to Saving Our Parish and click on the Coffee and Donuts link. Again, THURSDAY, July 22 at 7 p.m.

Be there or be square!


  1. Looking forward to chatting with you all!!! We need to save our parish!!!!!

  2. Heading to the beach tomorrow and can't join in the discussion. I would like to why Alene was dismissed. I don't believe for one minute that this was a financial move. If it was, it would have played out in a different way. (why haven't plans for a big party to celebrate her ministry been announced?) Was she told that if the collection picks up or if the parish receives a large bequest, she would be rehired immediately? (I was once laid-off due to slow work projections but was called back 6 months later) Has anyone from Rochester called to say: Hey, we're sorry. We will find you a job. This whole thing reeks. It feels like deja-vu of the Marie McCaig "resignation". Does anyone else have the impression that if parish staff doesn't "play", they will "pay"? I am a firm believer that one reaps what they sow. The fall-out for selfish, self-serving and self-centered leadership is playing out as we speak.

  3. I just read all comments. Most of you are playing "nice". I will be honest. He needs to go. There is no other solution. It's time that we called a spade and spade.

  4. I agree Deacon Dean needs to go. I am so discouraged with All Saints Parish. I have been a member for all of my 50 years, and sad to say for the past year or so haven't been attending mass, because of the frustration it causes me. Instead of feeling peace and happiness after a mass, I was feeling frustration - coming out of a mass at St Vincent's feeling like I had just attended a concert. Then came the whole fiasco of getting rid of Marie. My family was devastated. At that time I wrote to Rochester,and Deacon Dean - there was no explanation as to why it transpired. Thank God my son is now actively involved in Faith by Interaction and is doing some awesome community service led by some awesome people. When I heard that Alene was let go I want to say I couldn't believe it, but somehow it just doesn't surprise me. I have been reading these posts for about an hour - We need help! Why isn't anyone listening?!