Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just sayin'

Isn't it odd that when the stated goal for our parish is to 'Take Corning for Christ' that one of the key employees in Catholic evangelization (Faith Formation Director) is abruptly 'laid off''--an employee who was quite successful in bringing people to the Catholic Church? And, did you know that All Saints Parish is one of the largest parishes in the Diocese of Rochester, yet has only  1.5 people on staff to provide for faith formation?

Also, did you know that there are 2 full-time business positions and 5.5 pastoral ministry positions? With numbers like that, it seems taking Corning for Christ isn't quite the focus we're told it is. The financial business of the parish seems more the focus than faith formation.

Just sayin'.


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  2. Is it true that the new youth leader does not possess a college degree? I thought that this was a prerequisite for the position?

  3. He's right in the deacon's pocket along with a bunch of higher ups in Rochester and on the All Saints staff.

  4. Strong opinions, people. Let's try to be constructive. I have to delete another post, which though making some good points, is charging some serious immoral activity without any proof. Please repost, but without the unverifiable accusations.

    Whatever else, it is not the youth leader's fault that Alene was laid off. That goes squarely to the individual who made the ultimate decision to lay off Alene and Eleanor.

  5. In 4 short years, so much damage has been done. So many have left, so many are planning to leave. We are left with a skeleton crew to manage the few in the pew. One can only imagine what the next 4 years will bring.