Friday, July 26, 2013

The Pope in Rio

Cleansing Fire quotes the Pope in Rio. It's a short read, but it's good food for thought. What do you suppose Pope Francis would think about the situation in the DOR and those who have spoken out against its 30-year policy of closing churches and whatnot.

Pope Francis would probably like CF

From the article:

It seems to be not only a clarion call to keep working for the good of Christ’s Church, in spite of the forces undermining that work, from inside and outside the Church, but also to involve the young even more in a most worthy fight, in THE most worthy fight — for souls.  What has happened here to so many parishes, and to so many souls, needs to be retold to a new set of ears, in a new day.  Isn’t this invitation of Pope Francis to the youth in Rio an invitation to all of us, not to settle for what we’ve received, but to re-emerge with what has been kept carefully in our hearts and memories?   Just because we had 30+ years of suffering and secrecy, and just because so much is still unaddressed nearly a year after Bishop Clark’s retirement, is no reason to abandon the story.  Most unanswered complaints need to be re-surfaced; that which is still undone needs to be revived.  A new bishop needs to receive it all.

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