Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Catholic Faith

How often have you walked into church and absentmindedly dipped your fingers into Holy Water? Crossing ourselves, we don't truly understand the efficacy of water that has been exorcised. Perhaps we don't even understand why the Church offers this powerful sacramental for our use. Click here for a short essay on Holy Water. It is interesting to note that, towards the end, the priest mentions that he is speaking of Holy Water that has been blessed by the Tridentine rite. It uses prayers of exorcism and exorcised salt, and is longish (but not unduly so).

Having Holy Water and exorcised salt to use at home is a wonderful way to bless those who pass through the doorways of your house...or to keep out devilish spiritual creatures we wish to keep from troubling us. If you would like to have Holy water and salt that is blessed with the Tridentine rite, you can simply print out the rite and ask the priest to use it when blessing those items for your home.

Here is a comparison of the Tridentine rite and the newer rite. And here is a lively post with debate about the blessing of Holy Water with the two blessings.

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