Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Plan B

Kudos to those who are working to launch St. Ann’s Academy in Hornell, New York. The Diocese of Rochester decided that the original St. Ann’s Catholic School would close this month due to a lack of money and low enrollment. With fundraising, the school had just barely survived the previous year. It seemed that after 149 years, Catholic education in Hornell was about to fade away.

Then a small group decided to change tactics. Instead of battling with the DOR to stay open, they would open their own private Catholic school that is not officially associated with the diocese or the Church. It will include pre-K through grade three and hopefully expand in the future.

Starting a school is a huge undertaking. This group may not succeed, but they will have tried. They are now in charge of their own fate.

When someone tells you that there are no options, that you can’t afford it, that it’s impossible, think of St. Ann’s Academy. -- Susan M


  1. We should prepare to do the same here. I am not convinced that our school is safe. We should at least begin the process to regain control of the school from the diocese.

  2. I agree. And I hear the man, Tobia is hired to close the school. Actually, the diocese does not control the schools anymore like they did. As of the next school year the schools have reverted back to the parishes, financially at least. Wonder why we have not heard thi from our leadership , the school board?

  3. I hope that's not true...Joe Tobia has always struck me as an orthodox Catholic and he's an alumni of St Mary's School.

  4. Sorry Tom, word on the street is that he was hired to close the school and until we hear from somebody in administration I guess we believe the word of the street. It is fine that the new princippal is suposedly an orthodox Catholic, whatever that is, but the present truth is that he did not take action on the sexual inappropriateness going on in the school where he was principal and now has a lawsuit against him as well as the school board, and superintendant. My biggest concern is the fact ASP would hire him with this public suit in process.