Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What happened to the nuns? UPDATED

I always wondered what happened to them: We Overcame Their Traditions and Their Faith

From the article:
"Coulson deeply regretted the impact they had had on religious communities. He said,
“…it destroyed Catholic religious profession, just as it would destroy the practice of medicine if medicine took seriously the idea that all the answers are within the students; so, too, did it destroy the vows of the nuns. There were many priests who didn’t even bother to get laicized. They just left, saying, “My vows don’t count for anything, because they came from somewhere else; they didn’t come from within.”
 And this:

"Coulson warns that practitioners of humanistic psychology, having wreaked destruction with their self-centered theories, have now moved on to a “fourth plane” that he calls New Age psychology."

There's a video to watch, too.


Here is George Weigel's article about the sisters: The Vatican and the Sisters

Cleansing Fire weighs in, too: Once in a While....

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