Monday, April 23, 2012

It's not going away

The religious liberty issue is not going away. The gauntlet was thrown down by our president. Here is a detailed response from the bishops. It is long, but worth the read: Our First, Most Cherished Liberty

Vincent Phillip Munoz at The Weekly Standard has written about the confrontation. Short and to the point. From the article:

To their credit, the bishops appear to understand this and are now willing to lead the battle to preserve religious liberty for all, Catholics and non-Catholics, church institutions and private employers.

But it won’t be without confrontation. This statement from the bishops sets up a dramatic showdown between the leaders of the Catholic Church and the Obama administration, a confrontation that may not be good for either side. It is hard to see what middle ground exists, or even if it does.

The Constitution was designed to prevent such fundamental clashes between church and state. Perhaps the best way out of this thicket would be for the Supreme Court to step in and stop it from happening. Striking down the contraception mandate would avert the disastrous situation of the president sending bishops to jail for being faithful witnesses to their religious convictions.

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