Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is what happens...

...when a charity becomes dependent upon federal dollars: they have a hard, hard time thinking of going on without government 'crack'.

That Catholic Charities USA is so confused over the HHS mandate and Obama's subsequent 'accommodation' for religious organizations, is telling.

First they liked it, they really really liked it. Now they're not so sure. Mucho handwringing going on.


  1. Sounds like they got their belt yanked and dragged back into line, doesn't it? If I recall, outside of this diocese of course, most local Catholic Charities are directly under or have the sitting on the board, the diocesan bishop. I was waiting for this.

    It isn't just that Catholic Charities takes government money, now their big push is getting families below the arbitrary poverty line on to government subsistence. When the heck did that become our objectives as Catholic? Government handouts instead of true Charity? Isn't that swell? True Charity is an individual act that reaffirms God's love through us. All so sorta goes against the concept of the Church's teaching of subsidiarity.

  2. In our diocese they rob the people of churches, turning them into gobernment subsidized housing. THen they turn around and manage the properties, getting more money from the government. Scandalous.