Sunday, February 26, 2012

The National Abortion Federation

So the National Abortion Federation is looking for a Security Director. The job posting is here: NAF Security Director. you have to scroll down the page a little.

Among the required dutes: 

  • Track the activities of anti-choice extremists and provide this to members, NAF staff and law enforcement officials to enhance members' security. 
  • Travel to areas of planned anti-choice demonstrations to document activities, liaise with law enforcement officials, and provide security and support to clinics.

Here's how the NAF describes abortion: "...abortion essential component of women's health...basic reproductive health care."

 In fact, this statement is trumpeted as part of their front page: "Abortion is an integral part of reproductive health care. Learn the truth about abortion, women's access to care, anti-abortion violence, and common questions and myths."

 You can see how those who advocate and facilitate baby-murder are describing pro-life people--as violent, as people to be spied on, informed on and tracked. The NAF is surely a child of the father of lies.

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