Friday, September 2, 2011

An Excellent Response

As noted here and here and here, there was a recent article in the weekend bulletin that caused some scandal. Deacon Dean wrote a well thought out response to it in this Sunday's bulletin. Titled "Gender and God Issues", it addresses some of the important issues that back the drive to ordain women priests and to 'feminize' the Fatherhood of God.

He says, "The ordination of only men to the priesthood has often been argued as a form of oppression of women. It is not. The Church believes that Jesus was sinless (not a sexist) and perfectly did the will of the father. He chose only men as apostles. They in turn understood that their successors would only be men even when spreading to cultures (such as the Greek) where female priestesses existed and where they would have easily been accepted. The Church does not believe that it has the authority to override what appears to have been Jesus' intention."

Do read the whole thing. An excellent response.

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