Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Culture War is a Religious War

Again, the battle is primarily a religious battle, though leftists insist it is about tolerance. No, it consists in converting you and I from the faith of our fathers to the faith of the social policies of leftism (which includes a syncretistic mish mash of marxism, socialism, relativism, eastern and new age philosophies, atheism and even corrupted Christian doctrine, etc).

Michelle Malkin has written an article titled: GLAAD: Lethal Enforcers of the Left's Tolerance Mob

In it, she details some of the persecution Christians have been undergoing by the homosexual group GLAAD. From the article (do read it all):

"GLAAD has worked tirelessly to marginalize and suppress the free speech of Christian leaders, Christian businesses and conservative talk-radio hosts dating back to their infamous Dr. Laura boycott 13 years ago. The group’s mission is not about equality or defending against “defamation.” It’s about silencing critics, making open debate radioactive, demonizing people of faith and making even the slightest perceived slight a hate crime.

Last year, GLAAD speech-squelchers issued a blacklist of 34 Christian commentators they wanted networks to ban from their air for “extreme” views (read: opposing gay marriage). Earlier this year, GLAAD attacked the National Geographic Channel for partnering with the traditional values-promoting Boy Scouts on a reality TV program. GLAAD is free to start its own Gay Scouts, but instead chose to harangue NatGeo for refusing to run a “disclaimer” at the beginning of each show condemning the Boy Scouts’ leadership policies.

It’s not enough to live and let live. You must repent and genuflect before the self-serving gods of selective progressivism. That’s why GLAAD forgave Hollywood director Brett Ratner for using the word “fag.” He was allowed back into the protected Hollywood club after submitting to GLAAD reeducation camp and appearing in GLAAD public service announcements. Bill Clinton, who authored both the Defense of Marriage Act and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies so reviled by the homosexual lobby, ended up receiving a GLAAD “Advocate for Change” award earlier this year — for changing his mind when politically expedient."

This generation suffers the soft persecution of mockery, suppression of free speech, and financial destruction. Your children and grandchildren will suffer worse if they maintain the Faith. If they do not maintain a Catholic Faith, then the loss of their souls will be the ultimate price they pay for a temporal peace.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

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