Monday, August 19, 2013

What's old is new again

If you have never attended a Vetus Ordo Mass, one according to the older Roman Rite, you might be pleasantly surprised at the deep Catholicity expressed in it. As Cardinal Ranjith has said, "Liturgy for this reason can never be what man creates. For if we worship the way we want and fix the rules ourselves, then we run the risk of recreating Aaron's golden calf. We ought to constantly insist on worship as participation in what God Himself does, else we run the risk of engaging in idolatry. Liturgical symbolism helps us to rise above what is human to what is divine. In this, it is my firm conviction that the Vetus Ordo represents to a great extent and in the most fulfilling way that mystical and transcendent call to an encounter with God in the liturgy. Hence the time has come for us to not only renew through radical changes the content of the new Liturgy, but also to encourage more and more a return of the Vetus Ordo, as a way for a true renewal of the Church, which was what the Fathers of the Church seated in the Second Vatican Council so desired."

And here is a local priest's take on the Vetus Ordo: The Renewed Appeal of the Latin Mass

Fr. Mottola says about the Latin Mass, "The ceremonies, the chants, and the trappings of the ancient liturgical rites of Western culture are beautiful. And in a generation unsure if there really are such things as “right” and “wrong,” it is not the truth of the Church’s teachings but the beauty of her worship that will stir their hearts. The converts of the next decade will not say “You have convinced us,” but rather they will say—breathlessly and with tears in their eyes—“We did not know whether we were in heaven or on earth!”

And do keep up with Corning's Latin Mass Society here for information on upcoming Latin Masses.

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