Monday, April 15, 2013

Defeat Cuomo's Abortion Expansion Bill

Here's the info at Cleansing Fire: Abortion Expansion Bill

Furthermore, in case you thought the Gosnell case is an anomaly, and that voting for and supporting pro-abortion politicians is generally okay, here's something more to ponder:

Before the Gosnell Blackout, There was Tiller's

From the article:

Like Gosnell, Tiller routinely took the lives of healthy, viable babies eager to be born, in flagrant violation of state law.  But given the expectations of his clients, Tiller kept a neater shop and, to ease the conscience of his supporters, almost always performed his mayhem out of sight, within the womb.
Had Gosnell been in Wichita, he likely would have done the same.  As clinic worker Tina Baldwin testified to the grand jury, Gosnell kept one room in the facility clean for the odd "white girl from the suburbs."  He would personally escort those patients to that room and even turn the TV on for them. More importantly, he, not his uncredentialed assistants, would administer the anesthesia.  "That's the way of the world," he told Baldwin.

You really need to read the whole thing. Kathleen Sebelius figures in the Tiller story in a big way. And then, of course, there is this from the President of the United States way back in 2003 when he was a state senator: Obama on infanticide

UPDATE: Now, of course, the pro-abortion crowd is blaming pro-life (what they call "anti-choice") laws for Gosnell. Can anyone, anyone logically make such a connection? From the article: 

Stringent anti-choice laws have been passed in Arkansas and North Dakota. And in Philly, where Gosnell operated, there are no abortion clinics between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, according toJezebel. And even if a woman has the resources, there are other deterrents and obstacles thrown in their path: One patient of Gosnell's told the AP that she first approached Planned Parenthood for her procedure, but was deterred by anti-abortion protestors outside. A friend told her about Gosnell's operation. Metaphorically, they chased her right into his office. Good job. 

This type of thinking is, quite simply, a form of moral insanity.

UPDATE 2: American Thinker adds more to this horror story: Kermit Gosnell: Secret Hero of the Left

From the article:

Yet even the most ardent pro-choice advocate would be hard-pressed to argue that flipping over a wriggling newborn and taking scissors to its spinal cord is not horrendous, but how much less painful is it for a 14-week-old fetus to writhe within its mother's womb for 24 hours while being scorched to death by saline?  Or how different is it for a fragile infant to be torn apart by a suction device at 22 weeks in utero, or dismembered in the first trimester by a stainless steel scalpel?...

...Ultimately, Kermit Gosnell may end up being the abortion industry's sacrificial lamb and find himself living out his remaining years on death row.  Meanwhile, what's certain is that the always-predictable left will likely argue that henceforth, legalized killing must be carried out in cheery, hygienic, government-regulated facilities.  Then stricter mandates can be put in place to ensure that properly trained abortionists have mastered the fine art of ensuring that the mothers live and the babies destined for the biohazard bag emerge dead from the womb as intended.

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