Monday, March 25, 2013

A lesson "in new things and old"

The Parable of the Net from the Book of Matthew, chapter 13:

"Again the kingdom of heaven is like to a net cast into the sea, and gathering together of all kind of fishes. Which, when it was filled, they drew out, and sitting by the shore, they chose out the good into vessels, but the bad they cast forth. So shall it be at the end of the world. The angels shall go out, and shall separate the wicked from among the just. And shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Have ye understood all these things? They say to him: Yes. He said unto them: Therefore every scribe instructed in the kingdom of heaven, is like to a man that is a householder, who bringeth forth out of his treasure new things and old." (Emphasis added)

When one thinks of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and the Novus Ordo Form of the Mass, they could be likened to treasures in a storehouse (the Roman Catholic Church). One does not forsake a treasure because it has long been a treasure, correct?

When you see the scribes of today attempting to suppress an 'old' treasure, you can be sure they are not acting from instruction in the kingdom of heaven, but from some other type of instruction.

For more context, Chapter 13 of Matthew is chock full of the parables of our Lord Jesus.

Here is an example of this venerable treasure, which is being celebrated every Sunday: Mass in Extraordinary From begins.

FTA:  "The New Order of the Mass is great but doesn’t fill the needs of everyone as we sometimes imagine," he said. "There is room in God’s house for different forms of worship, even in the Mass."
He noted the people celebrating the Mass "tend to be all ages and walks of life, not just older people like might be expected. Actually they tend to be younger and professional.

"Anything that builds up the church and brings people to Mass is, I think, very fruitful for the kingdom of God," Father Mahoney said.

Verrrryyy interesting. According to Father Mahoney the EF Mass brings people from all walks of life, particularly those who "tend to be younger and professional."

Just the type of folks that would help keep a parish healthy and growing.

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