Friday, September 21, 2012

Bishop's resignation accepted--updates ongoing

Rome has accepted Bishop Clark's resignation. An Apostolic administrator, Bishop Cunningham from Syracuse, has been named. See here. More here and here.

UPDATE 1: More info here.

UPDATE 2: Catholic Courier


  1. And Thus ends an era. Deo Gratias. Let us pray for the appointment of a Good Shepherd!

  2. Amen! But let us keep in mind Psalm 146:3.

  3. This is great news. One of Condon’s minions made the announcement prior to mass on Sunday. I couldn’t contain myself and I erupted in a thunderous applause. I think this shocked the Priest (I still don’t know his name. Is he even present at mass?). I pray the new Bishop will reverse numerous, detrimental trends that have eroded the fabric of our diocese over the past 20 or so years. It is unfortunate that the priest-want-to-be deacons of our parish are more than sympathetic to the outgoing Bishop. If I could give him some advice to the new Bishop and our parish Priests:

    1. When in charge - Take charge! Be visible, on the forefront of Catholic Ministry.

    2. Empower the Priests! Over the past several years the priests have become less involved in mass – allowing priest-want-to-be-but-don’t-want-to-make-the-commitment deacons take control of our churches. Here are a few ways to reverse this trend:

    a. At a minimum our Priest’s should perform the Gospel reading and Sermon. More often our Priests do not perform these duties and are merely present to preside over the Sacraments. Shame on them.
    b. Challenge the people of our parishes to think more critically about our faith and not to view church as a mere obligation on Sunday.
    c. Reign in the deacons and nuns! I am fairly new to the C-PP area and it took me several weeks to figure out who all the clergy were. A casual visitor to our parish would assume that Deacon C is the head honcho. He is more than overbearing and self- glorifying. A quick inspection of our weekly bulletin shows this. Our Priests name and title is listed AFTER the Deacons (Page 3) and other staff members. While Deacon C is on Page 1, 2 and 3. No more hiding behind the administrative staff. Put the Priest on the front page and delegate the Deacons to the back page (after all it is their job to support the Priest, not the other way around). I have yet to see a formal introduction of our new priest in the bulletin. This should have happened immediately upon his arrival. Perhaps the Deacons are afraid to share the spotlight. As for nuns – wear a habit and act like the Virgin Mary or retire and tend to your veggie garden with your “Sisters” at the Chautauqua retreat.
    3. Can someone post the schedule for mass WITH THE ACTUAL CLERGY THAT WILL PRESIDE? There is nothing more disappointing than to walk into Mass and see certain, undesirable non-priests standing at the Altar. This schedule must exist – why not post it?
    4. Can someone post the schedule of MUSIC ACCOMPANIMENT FOR EACH MASS? Again, there is nothing more disappointing than leaving mass with ringing ears. Someone needs to tell the folks in the choir that they just don’t have it anymore. Josh C’s wonderful piano talents can only go so far to compensate for the lack of talent in the choir loft. I’d rather listen to recorded chants. This schedule must exist – why not post it?
    5. More and more I attend mass at a local Friary. It is time consuming but necessary to receive a quality Catholic experience.
    6. As for collections – I won’t contribute to the Corning Parish anymore. I find that the Corning Parish likes to support too many liberal pet projects. I choose to contribute directly to Catholic charities and organizations of my liking.


  4. CHEW ON THIS - The Vatican had up to 12 months to accept Bishop Clark’s resignation yet the Pope elected to accept it almost immediately. This says a lot about Bishop Clark – obviously the Vatican could not wait to get rid of him, so much so that Rome was willing to leave our diocese “leaderless” while they search for a successor. Anything to prevent Clark from put the finishing touches of his destructive reign.