Monday, August 13, 2012

Peasant Catholics

Have you heard about the most recent scandal rocking the Catholic Church here in the USA? The Archdiocese of New York has invited Barack Obama to the annual Alfred Smith Dinner. It has caused a firestorm of criticism and defensive answers. Here are links to get you caught up, the latest being Michael Voris's fiery rebuttal to Bill Donahue for name calling:

Alfred Smith website

USA Today article

Archdiocese defends decision

Peasant Catholics

Petition to Disinvite Obama

Inviting Obama to Dinner (Part two)

Inviting Obama to Dinner (Part one)

Archdiocese Response (unofficial)

Archbishop Lori defends decision to invite Obama

It's a free-for-all. Being Catholic is never boring. ;-)


  1. Thanks for the tip on Donahue - I didn't realize he weighed in. I just watched his comments on TV. I think he missed the mark - which is probably the first time I've disagreed with him. He doesn't even address that fact that Obama is speaking at the event, which is a form of honor in and of itself.

  2. As Voris stated this is good because the sell outs are being exposed. It is time to grow that petition and unify the peasant force.

  3. Sister Janet Korn, (Catholic Ministries Appeal, Rochester Diocese) spoke at St Vincent’s church on Sunday. My blood was boiling. I almost walked out of mass. She stated that there is a need to support migrant farm workers in NY and cited the “failed immigration reform” as the root cause for their plight. Sr Korn failed to explain how her ministry provides assistance to immigrant workers or what their needs were. I have several questions for the Corning Catholic Community to ponder:

    1. What are the needs of the migrant workers? Food? Clothing? Spiritual?
    2. How did the failure of immigration reform contribute to their hardships?
    3. What about assistance for farmers and families who don’t rely on migrant workers?
    4. Are these migrant workers exposed to the teaching of the Catholic Church?
    5. How many migrant workers actually work/reside within the Rochester Diocese?
    6. How does Sr Korn’s mission provide assistance to these migrant workers? Clothes? Food? Church services? Medical care? Child Care? Money? …..
    7. Has anyone addressed the “plight” of migrant workers with local farm owners? NY State legislators?
    8. Why isn’t Sister Korn wearing a habit?

    Her specific mention of the “failed immigration reform” is another way that the liberal agenda is seeping into our Catholic Church. It is the proverbial “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.” She is nothing more than an activist operating under the umbrella of the Rochester Diocese. “American Harvest”