Monday, July 2, 2012

When do you build a church?

Course the trend is to tear down churches nowadays, but do you ever wonder how the decision is made to build a Catholic church?

In the case of Immaculate Heart of Mary, when the population of Catholics grew to between 140-150 in Painted Post, it was deemed necessary to build a church.

Just food for thought.


  1. The only time you see churches built around here is after two or more traditionally-designed churches are merged and sold off to form a new parish (i.e St. Matthew Livonia)

  2. So many in our parishes did not fight back. Does anyone remember the story of Pope John Paul 1? He asked a child in Rome if he loved his mama. The child said yes. The pope then asked the boy if he would care for his mother if she was sick. The boy said he would care for his mama. Then the Pope said that the Church is a mother and she is not well. He askd the child if he would take care of her too. The little boy said yes. The Pope died a few days later.

    So many just left when they should have stay and helped.

  3. Hmm, there are very few people who have stayed AND have done something, anything to help.

    This is last days for IHM. If you want it, you better be ready to fight for it. Last chance.

  4. But the parish is fixing up Rogers hall! They got some kind of donation for $5,000 and it is being fixed up for the youth group. Right?