Thursday, May 10, 2012

One position, or two positions?

Just to be clear, the All Saints Parish bulletin of May 6, 2012 is advertising for a full time and a part time position. Two positions are being advertised: Job Openings at All Saints Parish, page 4.

The title says 'Job Openings'. The 's' in Openings indicates plural, grammatically speaking. Then it says, "All Saints Parish is currently accepting applications for a full or part-time position, both listed below (full or part-time status to be determined by final budget)." Then it follows with descriptions for the two jobs.

Hmmmm...not so clear. Does that mean there will be one full-time position only, or two part-time positions, or one of each, or even just one part-time position? (The latest bulletin makes it clearer by bolding and underlining the word 'or'.)

If the budget is so tenuous and unstable, then "make do" with the talent and staff already in place and don't hire anyone.

Perhaps the ceiling tiles or sidewalks at St. Vincent's could be repaired, or repairs at our other churches could be made with the funds that would have been spent on the position(s).

I corrected the original post about the positions here.


  1. Why are they taking applications for two jobs when they are only going to hire for one? It is confusing the way it was said. Is the full time job going to stay full or could it go part time too?

  2. Nothing in this parish is ever clear.

  3. I thought they elminated the job of faith formation director because of finances. Right.