Sunday, January 15, 2012

Come home!

Our parish is again initiating a Catholics Come Home program. These aids are great for those who might want some solid resources, especially if they've been visiting with other Christian groups for awhile. Here's a free online Catholic Bible commentary:

The Great Biblical Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide

And here's a listing of Catholic Bible study helps by author Taylor Marshall of Canterbury Tales. His blog is a veritable treasure trove of gentle teaching that explains why the Catholic Church is...well...right.

And here's Logos software for Scripture study. It puts hundreds of books at your fingertips if you feel the hankering to dive into apologetics or have the Church's resources for quick answers to hard questions. It's pricey, but hey, we can dream can't we?

Here's a couple websites that are great for learning and reflection:

Called to Communion (a site that engages with Christians of all types on theology)

The Crucified Rabbi (Taylor Marshall's companion website to his excellent book The Crucified Rabbi. See video below)

And here is Marshall's second book: The Catholic Perspective on Paul. The Kindle versions of his books are only $5.95!

And don't forget this website: Catholics Come Home. Or EWTN, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

And here are two books that are especially helpful to those considering or reconsidering the Catholic Church. Both by author Mike Aquilina, one deals with the ancient history of the Mass and the early believers, and the other is a primer on the Church Fathers (who, btw, are instrumental in causing loads of conversions:

The Mass of the Early Christians

The Fathers of the Church Expanded Edition

There's so much out there! Pray that our parish sees a flood of Catholics coming home soon.


  1. To be able to sing at church today was a joy that felt like coming home. At St. Mary's 11:30 every single song was familiar and beautiful. Many were singing.
    We usually get to listen to a nice show, however, it was so much more moving to be able to participate in prayer through song. Too bad it wasn't like that more often.

  2. very exciting and inspiring, Gretchen.

    "There's so much out there! Pray that our parish sees a flood of Catholics coming home soon."

    amen and amen!