Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little housekeeping

Yes, a new website is coming, just not on my timetable. :-)

Also working on finishing up the review of Deacon Dean's Thesis "Effective Church Operational Systems, which has as a major goal the 'transformation' of parishioners.

This idea of transformation is also presented in the latest bulletin article titled "Transference versus Transformation". According to the article, transformation means spiritual growth, which is predicated upon nine points, including stewardship, evangelization, discernment, fellowship, conversion, and prayer and worship.

Regarding the New Evangelization, New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan recently said church leaders must invite the world to see Christ and the Church as one. According to the article, Catholic Church must renew its appeal, Archbishop Dolan tells conference,  "The archbishop explained that the mission of the New Evangelization requires an authentic turn to the Lord. 'Jesus prefers prophets, not programs; saints, not solutions,' he said."

Prophets. Saints. Not programs. Not solutions.

When Blessed Pope John Paul II proclaimed the New Evangelization, he put in motion a movement that is continuing through Pope Benedict XVI. Here is a short explanation of the New Evangelization by then Cardinal Ratzinger in 2000, which has as its major points the following: The Church as the Structure of the new evangelization; the Method is to promote the Gospel through the Church; Conversion--realizing that we are in need of Christ; the Kingdom of God as the key proclamation of Jesus; Communion with Christ in the sacramental life; and finally, the knowledge of eternal life.

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