Thursday, August 11, 2011

And then Heaven in All Saints Parish

If you were fortunate enough to attend Sunday's Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Mary's, you know what I mean by the title. Of course Heaven is present at every licit mass, whether in the Ordinary Form or the Extraordinary Form. In the Traditional Latin Mass, each movement of the priest has profound meaning. Like the rest of us who haven't had the privilege of attending numerous such masses, I know I missed some of the profundity, but there was a palpable quality, a something that made Heaven seem much closer, almost bearing down on us from above.

Sunday's bulletin has a lovely photo. Grateful thanks go to those named as organizers: Tom Pedicone, Jessica Pac, and Shena Rossettie, as well as the Chant Schola and many volunteers. I know for some of the faithful who have labored in our parish for a Mass in the Extraordinary Form it has been a years-long process. They deserve our gratitude for being so faithful, working and praying to overcome prejudice against the Traditional Latin Mass.

Here is a link to the order from which Fr. Johannes hails.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Was it well attended?

  2. The bulletin said over 200. I heard others say around 300.

  3. I was there. I don't know the official capacity of St. Mary's but I would say the church was close to 75% full.

    Nice to see the beautiful high altar being used for worship again.

  4. there were 225 programs and we ran out of them. I would say attendance was closer to 300 than 200.

  5. How impressive that a divided parish can be united in a spiritual experience so deep in tradition, so fully Catholic and so focused on the Eucharistic sacrifice. One can only pray that our leadership is attentive to this response.